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  • Switch to LED and save

    We know that changing your light globes can be a hassle, so wouldn’t it be great to switch to globes that’ll keep glowing for up to 15,000 hours or approximately 13 years*.
    That’s the power of LED lighting, the easiest most effective way to dramatically cut your lighting costs, and save on replacement costs.

    In fact, just by replacing your old globes – including halogen downlights - with LEDs, you’ll use 85% less energy, which will go a long way to avoiding the dreaded bill shock.

    New technology LEDs means there’s no waiting for the globe to light up, giving you full brightness instantly with the globe operating at a cooler temperature than halogen lights, safer temperature.

    So which LED is right for you?

    Choosing the right LED is a little different than standard globes.

    Instead of focussing on the wattage, look for the Lumens – which are the amount of light the globe gives, the Beam Angle, which delivers different spreads of light and the Colour Temperature. Cool white is good for task areas like the kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas, while warm white gives your living, dining and bedroom spaces a comfortable ambience.

    For even greater versatility, choose dimmable LEDs. Make sure your existing dimmer is compatible.

    As LED lighting specialists, Beacon Lighting is your one-stop shop for the best and latest LED technology. Our LEDs are extensively tested and we stand by our products with an industry leading 3-year warranty on globes.

    So make the switch to LED and live brighter, better and more energy efficient. Click here for more LED lighting tips.
    Last 13 Years* - rated life is based on three hours of operation per day.

    29 January 2016

    Switch to LED and save

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  • Don't change your globes until 2029!

    This is the brightest energy saving idea we’ve seen in years. The new revolutionary GE LED Bright Stik is switched on to the latest LED technology, promising to give you super energy efficiency that lasts over 13 years*!
    This little light may be smaller in size than your old CFLs, but it really packs a punch when it comes to performance. We’ve tried it and it’s true!

    Firstly, it has a unique cylindrical shape which not only looks more stylish streamlined (perfect for pendants and lamps with exposed globes), it also fits more fixtures in comparison to CFL globes.

    And forget waiting for the globe to ‘heat up’. The LED Bright Stik gives you instant full brightness as soon as you switch it on, and delivers a wide beam of light for a superior quality light and function.


    LED Bright Stik:
    • Uses 70% less energy than halogen globes
    • Uses 20% less energy than CFL globes
    • Lasts 50% longer than CFL globes
    • Lasts 7 times longer than halogen globes

    So say goodbye to your old CFL and halogen globes and make the switch to the new GE LED Bright Stik, the perfect lower energy, longer life, cost effective solution for all your lighting needs.

    Last 13 Years* - rated life is based on three hours of operation per day.

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    • Marjorie Raspin

      Your information does not indicate whether this light is dimmable. I consulted with your staff at Townsville just last week about the availability of dimmable candle globes as the un-dimmable which I bought proved unsuitable for use in a combined Hunter Pacific combo fan and light .
      Your staff did advise that dimmable globes were still in trial stage. I would appreciate your advice as to when any led candle globes or this Bright stick if suitable,
      will be available in your stores.
      thank you

    • Beacon Lighting
      Beacon Lighting January 28, 2016 at 1:33 pm

      Hi Majorie, the LED candle globes that we sell as well as the Bright Stik globes are non-dimmable globes. Any LED globes that are dimmable will have dimmable mentioned in their description and mentioned in the specifications. Unfortunately I cannot provide a time line on when this type of globe will be available in a dimmable version, regards Debbie - BL Customer Service

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  • If you’re entertaining friends and family this Christmas, you want your home to look its best. Why not think about investing in stylish exterior lighting or an outdoor ceiling fan that will turn your outdoor space into party central all year round?


    All you need is a little imagination and you can transform your garden, courtyard or balcony into an enchanting oasis.

    Set the mood with wall-mounted lights, which give a space a soft, warm ambience, and are available in a huge variety of designs to complement any outdoor décor. LED colour changing deck lights not only define your deck area for added safety, you can set them to flash or strobe for a magical display of colour.

    Use well placed spotlights, path lights and floodlights to illuminate special features in your garden and create a dramatic light and shade effect in trees and shrubs.

    If you have an outdoor undercover area, an alfresco ceiling fan is a must-have. It’ll keep your guests cool on those hot, steamy nights and add a stylish design feature to the space.

    And if you want to spruce your interior, a new lamp is the perfect way to instantly transform a room.

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    • margaret diercke

      Good afternoon, I would like to inform you that who ever delivers your advertising mail in the yallumbie area yesterday dumped 100s of them in my recycling bin they even came onto my property to do so.I would appreciate it if you inform your delivers not to do this again. thankyou.

    • Beacon Lighting
      Beacon Lighting January 6, 2016 at 10:01 am

      Hi Margaret, I am sorry to hear about the dumping of catalogues into your recycling bin. I have forwarded this onto the appropriate department and they will be in contact with the delivery company about this issue, regards Debbie Beacon Lighting Customer Service

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  • More than just functional, today’s ceiling fans are a must-have design accessory, adding a sense of relaxed luxury to any room. No matter what style your interior, there’s a ceiling fan design to suit.


    So which one is right for you?

    Firstly, it’s important to choose the right fan for your room size.

    If your room measures 4x5m or 20sqm, you need 122 cm blades. If your room measures 6x6m or 20sqm-36sqm, you’ll need blades of 132cm and above.

    Next, consider where the fan will be installed.

    For kitchen or living areas: A metal blade fan such as our Typhoon circulates more air than a timber-bladed fan, which is perfect for common areas such as the lounge or kitchen.


    For bedrooms or studies: A timber blade fan is quieter than its metal counterparts. Our Airfusion Type A blends brushed chrome and teak blades.

    S15_TYPE A

    For coastal areas: Choose an outdoor fan that won’t warp such as our new Airfusion Marine in stainless steel.


    For alfresco areas: Keep cool while you’re entertaining outdoors with our Airfusion range, specially designed for outdoor undercover areas.


    And remember, if your fan is going to replace the room’s main light source, choose a fan with an integrated light such as our Altitude ECO with an energy saving LED light.


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  • Experience the most exciting shift in lighting technology


    Most houses these days are open plan, which means multi-functional rooms also need multi-functional lighting.

    With our revolutionary colour-shifting technology, you can switch between warm white light, which creates a cozy relaxed atmosphere, and cool white light, which is perfect when you need brighter light for tasks such as cooking, and studying.

    Having the option to switch between levels and temperatures of light lets you control the mood and feel of a room at any given time.

    Imagine you’re in the kitchen cooking for a dinner party you have planned in the evening, while the kids are busy tackling their homework in the adjoining dining room. In this environment, lights set to a cool white (5000K) colour temperature are ideal to keep concentration levels high. When your guests arrive, you can switch the lights to a slightly cooler white (4000K), which is perfect for social interaction over pre-dinner drinks and nibbles. Serve dinner and dim the lights to warm white (3000K) to create a relaxed, comfortable ambience.

    Time to end the evening? Switch the lights to the mood you want.

    Check out the amazing colour-shifting technology on selected flush mounts, LED downlights and our Fanaway Evo 1 LED.

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  • Let the sun light up your night garden

    With so many homes already enjoying the huge cost savings of solar power, it makes perfect sense that solar technology has now made its way into the garden. The exciting new Lucci Fresco Solar Garden Power Cell is a 3 piece system that connects together to form an affordable, expandable and energy efficient, off-grid garden lighting solution.


    Click to enlarge

    Easy to install, portable and perfect to use with our quick connect LED range, the Solar Garden Power Cell can transform any garden into an enchanting nighttime oasis.

    This state-of-the-art system comes complete with a Solar Module, Power Cell and Sensor.


    The solar module, which can be installed on a wall, roof or spiked into the ground, generates energy from a 7W solar panel which is then stored in the power cell. As the sun goes down, the sensor goes from conserving the battery life, to providing ambient outdoor lighting. The sensor is suitable for exterior undercover areas.

    With many long summer nights looming, the DIY Lucci Fresco Solar Garden Power cell system makes stylish outdoor entertaining easy and energy-efficient.

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  • How to get the most from your ceiling fan


    If you’re energy savvy, and have a fan that has reversible mode you’ve probably been using your ceiling fan all through winter to save on heating costs. Great idea, but now that summer’s in full swing, it’s important to maintain that energy efficiency by making sure your ceiling fan is running in the right direction.

    So which way is which? To check that you’re using your ceiling fan correctly, turn it on to low speed and look up at the blades. If they’re moving counter-clockwise, your fan is still set in winter mode. This circulates warm air rising towards the ceiling back down and around the room.

    For summer use, make sure you’re NOT on reverse mode and check to see that the blades are now moving clockwise when you’re looking up at them. Running the ceiling fan on high speed in this mode creates a downward column of air that makes you feel degrees cooler. And the gentle breeze gives your room a relaxed, resort-like feel – perfect for a long, hot summer.

    And while you’re getting your ceiling fans summer ready, don’t forget to dust the blades!

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  • Ceiling Fans - How this energy efficient solution helps you

    Artemis Ceiling Fan

    With power costs going through the roof, it’s no wonder some of us are limiting the use of energy-hungry air conditioners, choosing instead to sweat it out during those long hot days and steamy nights. That’s why ceiling fans are fast becoming the must-have accessory for every home – if not every room.

    Just check out these amazing fan facts. The breeze from a ceiling fan can make you feel degrees cooler*, while using the same amount of power as a 60 watt light globe. That equates to a running cost of less than 3c an hour*. Compare that to your average air conditioner, which uses 15 - 60 times* the amount of electricity, and you can see why a ceiling fan is such a great energy-efficient option.

    Even better, on those really hot days when you need air conditioning, you can reduce its running cost by up 40%* if you use it in conjunction with a ceiling fan.

    Beacon Lighting has Australia’s biggest range of ceiling fans, and here’s 6 of our favourites.

    For energy efficiency

    You can’t go past a fan with a DC motor, which uses 40% less electricity than standard ceiling fans.

    Check out our Airfusion Climate, a sleekly styled fan available in White, Brushed Chrome and Antique Brass, with 6-speed remote control. (Also compatible with a fan light).

    Climate 52 Ceiling Fan

    The Woody fan is considered one of the most energy efficient on the market today, and is suitable for indoor, outdoor and coastal areas (fan must be fully undercover). Available in 132cm or 152cm in White or Brushed Chrome with ash wood blades, this distinctive fan includes a 6-speed remote.

    Woody Ceiling Fan

    For great value

    The Airfusion Airlie boasts a real value-for-money price, while still delivering great energy efficiency and style. Available with or without an energy efficient light, you can choose White, Brushed Chrome or Antique Brass in 122cm or 132cm. Remote compatible (sold separately).

    Airfusion Airlie

    For lovers of all things LED

    LED is one of the most efficient light sources on the planet, so when it’s combined with the energy efficiency of a ceiling fan, you know you’re onto a winner.

    Our Futura Eco LED fan with 17W LED (1100 lumen, warm white) light is brand new to the market, and is suitable for use in indoor and alfresco areas. Stylish design in White or Silver, choose from 122cm or 132cm. Remote control included.

    The Altitude Eco LED fan with powerful 17W LED light (1150 lumens, warm white). Available in White or Brushed Aluminium in 132cm or 122cm. 3-speed wall control, remote compatible (sold separately).


    The Bordono fan with LED compatible light operates by a pull cord system, eliminating the need to run extra wiring or use a remote. Indoor use only, available in Black, Silver or White.

    Bordono Ceiling Fan

    Click here to shop Beacon’s huge range of fans.

    *The calculation of costs and savings are approximate only and may vary according to the size of the fan.

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