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The Block Open For Inspection

23 July 2013 5:23:16 PM EST

 Beacon at The Block

As a major supplier to the Block, we were lucky enough to be right in the heart of the action for the Blocktastic Open Day.

Thousands and thousands of people lined the streets to get a glimpse of the finished apartments, and the Blockheads themselves. Even though it was a freezing Melbourne day, the Beacon team brightened the crowd with free giveaways, a sneak peek at our latest Lamps Catalogue – even free Bright Design Lighting Consultations!

See all the pics here – and stay tuned for the Blocktacular finale.

 The Block

Beacon Stall at The Block

Beacon Balloons

Beacon on The All Stars Block - Week 5

18 March 2013 12:16:24 PM EST

Beacon on the All Stars Block WK 5


Defined as ‘sophisticated, beachy-chic’, Phil & Amity’s kitchen is a tribute to Hamptons style. The look is fresh and bright, with our Aero 1 Light Pendant in Chrome (avaliable in store only) and LEDlux dimmable downlights providing a perfect mix of task and ambient lighting. The upstairs mezzanine followed the relaxed style, highlighted by the featured tripod light, our Chelsea Surveyors Floor Lamp in White Washed Timber/Chrome detail.

Phil & Amity Kitchen



With styling for their kitchen judged as “perfect”, Duncan once again featured our Artemis Fan with Light in Liquid Nickel. The use of energy efficient ceiling fans right throughout the home is a great way to help cut power costs all year round. The architecturally designed Artemis fan delivers exceptional air circulation, which helps any cook keep their cool in the kitchen.


Dale & Duncan Kitchen



Josh & Jenna certainly delivered the ‘wow’ factor with this winning kitchen. A sophisticated study in white, the room demonstrated the importance of using lighting to create warmth in an otherwise pristine space. Discreet surface mounted Downlights in White cast a warm glow on the striking marble splashbacks. Pendant lighting adds a softness to the crisp styling.

Josh & Jenna Kitchen



Even a traditional white kitchen can be given the designer touch by adding a key feature to spice up the room. This can be achieved by adding artwork or stunning light features such as eye-catching pendants or a modern chandelier. In Dan & Dani’s case, the polished concrete floor transformed the room from simple – to simply stunning.

Dan & Dani Kitchen


Beacon on The All Stars Block - Week 4

11 March 2013 11:52:34 AM EST

Beacon on the All Stars Block WK 4



In the winning room that was described as ‘near perfect’ by Shayna, Phil & Amity’s love of Scandinavian style was on display again. Our distinctive Cayman Wreath Pendant in Natural Wood and Norway Table Lamp in Teak provided the earthy textures, which were beautifully matched against the fresh modernity of our Radia Wall Brackets in White. Energy efficient LEDlux Downlights are a great energy-efficient choice in the linen closet.

PA Bedroom


The couple’s lighting choices were the only design decisions the judges really admired in their hallway and formal lounge. Josh & Jenna’s decision to use LEDlux downlights in the lounge and storage areas is a great idea in today’s energy conscious homes, as they can cut power costs by up to 85%. And because they’re dimmable, you can switch up the mood in any room. For a similar pendant to what Josh and Jenna used, check out our Habitat range.

JJ Lounge


Dan & Dani’s eclectic mix of the old and new created a stylish formal living space and their choice of oversized pendant in the formal lounge was right on trend.  Installing LEDlux downlights in their upstairs attic space was another inspired choice, as LED lights radiate far less heat than conventional halogen downlights, an important feature in such a confined space.

DD Lounge

DD Attic


The judges were literally ‘stopped in their tracks’ by our French inspired, Medina 6 light long pendant in bronze. A look such as this provides a stunning focal point in ‘dead’ areas such as entry halls and stairwells. The daring design choices continued in the bedroom with the traditional style of the wardrobe offset by the contemporary design of our Artemis Fan Light in Liquid Nickel, LEDlux Omni Arc Desk Lamp and Zenon 3 Light Table Lamp in Crystal Chrome.

MD Room

MD Hallway


Beacon on The All Stars Block - Week 3

27 February 2013 5:15:25 PM EST

Beacon on The All Stars Block WK 3

Bathroom Lighting Tips!

Perhaps more than any other room in the house, bathroom lighting needs careful consideration. And as we saw by the judges reaction to this week’s room reveal, getting it right can be tricky – even for the All-Stars.


As Shayna rightly noted in Dan and Dani’s bathroom, the choice of pendant lights with a solid surround “would create shadows on the top of your face, making it difficult to apply makeup.”

Mark & Duncan’s bathroom use of just one overhead light source meant the lighting would be always be behind your head (again making it tricky to apply makeup or shave).

Even the lighting in Josh & Jenna’s winning room was judged to be “not practical enough”.

Phil & Amity however, showed how it should be done by following the 3 golden rules of bathroom lighting.


  1. Always have more than one light source to avoid harsh shadows on your face. (Phil & Amity combined downlights and pendants with a combination heat/lamp light.)
  2. Install lights either side or above the mirror to create an even light source on your face.
  3. Combine task lighting (for grooming/shaving) with ambient lighting (for relaxing/pampering) and accent lighting (for decoration)

And finally, don’t be afraid to use lights that would normally be seen in a lounge or dining room. Pendants and chandeliers in the bathroom are hugely popular and a great way to add instant luxury and glamour.

Josh & Jenna Bathroom

Josh and Jenna's Bathroom


Mark & Duncan Bathroom

Mark and Duncan's Bathroom


Dan & Dani Bathroom

Dan and Dani's Bathroom


Phil & Amity Bathroom

Phil and Amity's Bathroom

Beacon on The All Stars Block - Week 2

25 February 2013 12:39:52 PM EST

Beacon on The All Stars Block WK 2

From cool and contemporary to fun and flashy, this week saw a variety of design trends.


Mark & Duncan

This winning bedroom is a great example of what you can achieve if you’re not afraid to work with colour. The look is bold, but also fun and refreshing. The architectural design of our transparent Artemis fan added funky to the fun as did our hugely popular Paintspot lamp in orange and white.

M&D Week 2 


Phil & Amity

Key to Phil and Amity's Scandinavian style is the combination of refreshing whites with earthy timber textures. Our Mara II Drum Pendant in Linen and Belize Timber Table Lamp adds to the sophistication while the Time 1 Light Table Lamp in Silver and Chrome is a smart addition to the work desk (Lamps are avaliable in store only - find your nearest store here).  

P&A Week2

Dan & Dani

The integrated style of our European designed Mak Table Lamps earned a special mention from the judges this week. Contemporary design in the form of our industrial-style Create 1 pendant and remote controlled Futura Eco fan with light are a seamless fit with the existing heritage features.

D&D Week 2


Josh & Jenna

Muted tones and minimal accessories was the secret to the ‘hotel luxury’ feel created in Josh & Jenna’s room. Charcoals, greys and hushed greens gave it a very adult contemporary look, but this experienced design duo just couldn’t resist a playful pop of colour – note the fluorescent pink book! Our Futura Eco fan with light in white was the perfect choice again for this room.

J&J week 2


Beacon on The All Stars Block - Week 1

19 February 2013 5:01:52 PM EST

Beacon on The All Stars Block WK1


Our favourite renovators are back and putting their past Block experience to good use. The first room reveal demonstrated the eclectic styles and tastes of each couple.


So what are the hottest trends on the Block?


Josh & Jenna

Josh and Jenna’s winning bedroom is a great example of modern, minimalist style. With its muted colour palette and restrained use of accessories, the room has a feeling of relaxed elegance.

The simplicity of our Futura Eco Fan and Light in white was the perfect choice to offset the decorative ceiling rosette.

 Josh & Jenna Week 1

Mark & Duncan

While Mark and Duncan’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ room wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it certainly boasted some eye-catching accessories. The black & white flock on our Liseaux Large Crystal Table Lamps added to the largely monochromatic colour scheme. The uniquely designed Artemis Fan with Light in Liquid Nickel describedby the pair as the 'Wow Fan' was an inspired choice for such an individual space.

 Mark & Duncan Week 1

Phil & Amity

The ever-popular Scandinavian style was reinterpreted in Phil and Amity's 'beachy-glam' bedroom. This trend mixes cool whites with natural textures (as seen in the Mara II Drum Pendant in White) and creates a bright, effortless ambience.

Phil & Amity Week 1


Dan & Dani

Cool whites accented with bright pops of colour are a hugely popular trend. Mixing neutral walls with colourful accessories such as lamps, cushions and rugs is an easy way to create a designer feel. Our Futura Eco Fan and Light in white added to the relaxed ambience of Dan and Dani’s room.

Dan & Dani Week 1


As seen in Home Beautiful July

11 July 2012 11:40:59 AM EST

Check out Beacon Lighting's Paris Chandelier in Home Beautiful.

Cover Home Beautiful

Paris Chandelier


Paris Chandelier
Paris 5 light Chandelier in Chrome and Black 
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Block to the rescue

9 July 2012 4:30:13 PM EST

Putting light into people’s lives is our passion. And no more so, than when it’s for a family as deserving as the Wilsons.


Tragically, Michael Wilson, a much loved and respected husband and father to Kellie and their 3 children, lost his life while on duty as a paramedic. Beacon happily joined forces with the Block and Domestic Blitz teams in a rescue mission to give their house and garden a much-needed makeover.


With our donation of $15,000 worth of lighting and the outstanding efforts of all the Block ‘n Blitz renovators, we hope we’ve put a little light back into the lives of Kellie and her family.


Let’s take a closer look inside this incredibly rewarding makeover.


Dani & Sophie made a surprisingly good team, working together to create two beautiful bedrooms for the girls, Grace and Eliza.


The intricate timber feel of our Black Wood Cayman pendant was the perfect choice for the nature-loving Eliza.


Our Create pendants in Grace’s bedroom certainly created a great impression with Grace stating it was a room she wanted to “stay in for the rest of her life”.


‘Country Industrial’ is a new trend invented by the Block, Blitz and Beacon team! The result is a warm, yet totally modern look. The 3 Tadao Concrete pendants clustered above the dining table were the area’s focal point, cleverly placed to lead the eye to the heart of the home.


Furnished and lit with love, we wish the Wilson family the best of everything in the years to come in their new home.

Domestic Blitz


To view the episode of Domestic Blitz, simply click here.

Beacon on The Block week 9

25 June 2012 2:38:56 PM EST

Lights..Camera..and all the behind-the-scenes Block action

Wow what a final week that was! The claws really came out with this week with all our couples clashing with their competitors – and each other.


Hardly surprising after two full months of backbreaking work, unrelenting deadlines and many, many sleepness nights. Luckily, amidst the tears and tantrums, this week also saw our Blockheads triumph.



What a fantastic win it was for the Block’s golden couple. Sophie & Dale once again charmed the judges with their quirky style, creating an exterior space full of fun and personality. Or as real estate guru John McGrath noted, a veritable “Alice-in Wonderland”. As a landscaper, Dale was obviously very aware of how much value well placed lighting can add to any exterior. LED 14W Round Downlights in White installed on the eaves were the perfect choice to provide discrete task lighting, great for entertaining in the evening. 12V In-Ground Spots around the edge of the decking not only look fantastic, they also add an important element of safety to a raised deck.


The use of Sentinel 12V Spike Spots to highlight plants is inspired, as the shadows it creates at night give the space a feeling of enchantment. Once again, lighting as art was featured with the addition of their very funky light box feature. And finally, leading you in this oasis was a Sentinel 2 Light Wall Bracket mounted next to the front door – great for security.


D&S Exterior


Coming in a close second, the brothers’ garden blew us away with its luxurious Mediterranean resort feel.


Moving away from traditional decking, crazy pave was the order of the day and WOW – did it look impressive! The concept of outdoor entertaining is constantly evolving and these days it seems, almost anything goes. The ambience of light plays an integral part in any entertaining space. Our CNC Round Low Voltage Aluminum Downlights were installed in the eaves, while our Lightscape Spike Spots in black (both available in store at Beacon) were cleverly placed in the garden beds, creating a magical shadow effect at night.


The boys also used copper spotlights on the walls of the garden beds. Our Harbour spike spots in their front garden are a great example of this industrial-chic trend. Check out our Harbour range for more ideas on how to work this style.


M&A Exterior



With the biggest garden on the block, Brad and Lara created an entertaining space that’s bound to become party central. With the pizza oven and in-built esky on board, this is obviously a space that’s going to come alive at night. Our LED CNC Aluminium square downlights are terrific for lighting an exterior area while adding to the party feel.


Using the Sentinel Spike Spotlights to highlight favourite plants and features creates a feeling of drama and depth. And Sentinel Path Lights and Sentinel Wall Bracket at the front of the house ensures everyone gets to and from the party safely!


B&L Exterior



Chumps of the final week they may well be, but Dan and Dani still managed to impress with their functional courtyard. In praise of what was described as an urban oasis with privacy screens and maple trees, our LEDlux Eos 5 Light Colour Changing Decklights will certainly bring this small space alive. Coloured LED’s are a huge trend for exterior lighting. Energy efficient and extremely durable, our LED range of exterior lights adds a totally new dimension of colour and warmth to your space. Ramp up the cool factor by choosing our colour changing globes that can be remotely controlled to strobe or flash.


Once again, security was taken care of with our Sentinel Adjustable Wall Spot in Stainless Steel at the entrance. Check out our Outdoor Lighting Tips for more great ideas.


D&D Exterior