5 simple lighting hacks to transform your home

As we head into the New Year, a lot of us get the urge to give our homes a fresh new look. But if you’re not reno ready, you can still make a huge difference to the way your home looks and feels just by updating your lighting!

To help you get started, we’ve put together our favourite lighting hacks that are simple and super easy to implement.

1. Create a dramatic impact with black.
In 2019, you’re going to continue seeing a lot of bold, high contrast designs all over your Instagram feeds. Introduce a few key pieces such as a black pendant light such as our Panorama pendant, ceiling fan or table lamp and your home will be bang on trend.


“Less is more” with black, so just by adding little touches such as our cutting edge Buster & Punch black switches, you can reference the trend.


Want to embrace the trend without breaking the budget? That’s easy with our new Breeze range of portable fans.

Simple lighting hacks

2. Add the wow factor with shimmering accents.
Interior designers think of lighting as jewellery for the home, so by adding a few glamourous crystal, glass or brass lighting pieces, you can create a feeling of liveable luxury.

Simple lighting hacks

3. Think big with statement pieces.
Oversized pieces give any space a high-end look. Whether you choose an intricate design or opt for minimalism, the exaggerated scale of a statement light draws the eye and creates a designer focal point.

Simple lighting hacks

4. Provide contrast and intrigue by mixing and matching.
Don’t be afraid to experiment with a mix of styles, finishes and colours. Rather than matching lighting looks throughout each room, mixing Hamptons style bedroom lighting with Industrial or contemporary kitchen lighting will give your home a more bespoke look.

5. Accessorise with lamps.
Lamps are the easiest, most affordable way to instantly update your style. Think floor lamps for cosy corners, a vignette of decorative table lamps for hallstands, mantlepieces and bookshelves, and sleek desk lamps for the home office or study.


Get your mini makeover started with stunning looks and inspirational ideas from Australia’s lighting specialists. Shop at Beacon in-store or online.

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