Bathroom renos showered with praise

One of the smallest and most important rooms in any house, bathroom week set the design bar high for the first official room reveal on The Block 2018.

Hayden & Sara
What they did: While the judges were disappointed, Hayden and Sara added beautiful heritage brass wall brackets either side of the mirrors.
Get the look: Our Santiso wall bracket brought the luxe without dominating the space.

The Block Channel 9Kerrie & Spence
What they did: Functionality is key to any bathroom, and the judges loved the brightness and grandeur of the white tiles with black accessories.
Get the look: Black is a key trend and geometric pendants such as our Walderik pendant create a stunning shadow effect when lit.


Courtney & Hans
What they did: “Oozing with personality” was how the judges described this winning bathroom, which featured art deco tiles styled with pops of colour.
Get the look: Our waterproof strip lighting is a creative way to highlight spaces such as a shower niche, under bathroom cabinets or around kitchen benches.

The Block Channel 9

Jess & Norm
What they did: The judges were completely enraptured by the backlighting in the niches and vanity mirrors in this spectacular penthouse bathroom.
Get the look: Our Reflextion mirrors feature integrated LED lighting perfect for makeup application and grooming.


Bianca & Carla
What they did: Darren described the stone feature wall and amazing timber ceiling as “heavenly”.
Get the look: Make an impact with simple, refined pieces such as our MFL By Masson Titan downlights and Marcel pendants. 

The Block Channel 9


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