Beginners guide to smart lighting

If you haven’t jumped on the smart lighting train yet, you’re missing all the fun! Whether you want to dip your toe into the market with just a few smart globes or integrate smart lighting into a larger home automation setup, once you’ve experienced exactly how smart this technology is, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


What is smart lighting anyway?
Quite simply, it’s lighting connected to the internet that you control with an app or with a voice assistant like Amazon Echo or Google Assistant. And we’re not just talking turning lights on and off.

With one single globe, you can command your lights to dim, switch the temperature of your globes from a bright white light to a soft warm light and change the mood with a spectrum of colours.

Imagine fully automating your lighting 24/7. Schedule your lights to turn on and off at certain times of the day or night. Why wake up to a screeching alarm when you can program the system to get you ready for the day with soft gentle lighting that gradually gets brighter? As the day goes on and you’re getting ready to chill out and relax, program the lighting to slowly get dimmer and softer. It's a great idea to calm active kids! It will also increase security and peace of mind when you’re out at night or away on holidays by programming your lights to come on at certain times.

Is it expensive to install?
No, the beauty of this system is that you don’t need to buy any new fittings. Whether it’s a lamp, pendant or downlight*, you can use the current light fittings you already have!

*For 240V GU10 downlights, you can easily plug these in yourself without an electrician however for other fittings, your electrician will need to help. Unsure which downlights you have? You can ask one of our lighting consultants in-store or online.

Beacon is the home of smart lighting, so we can offer you a complete range of options to suit your budget and your llfestyle.

1. For the first timers
If you’re a little nervous or sceptical about just how life-changing smart lighting can be, this is the perfect way to try it on for size.  All you need is one single bulb like our LIFX RGB globe. Screw the globe into any lamp you have at home, connect it to your Wi-Fi via the app, and let the fun begin. You can dim the globe, change the temperature from cool to warm, and with RGB globes, get crazy creative with 16 million colour options at your fingertips!

What you’ll need: Nothing but your phone, a smart globe and a lamp!

2. Ready to commit
Globes such as our LIFX, Phillips Hue  and exclusive Lucci Connect range will blow you away with their versatility and creativity. RGB globes allow you to choose from 16 million colours, build your own smart lighting network to suit your home and control your lighting individually or in groups. Set timers, notifications and more!

What you’ll need: Any smart device, smart globes and your creativity!

Delve further into smart lighting possibilities by adding smart strip lighting above and under cabinets for amazing accent lighting. Our LIFX Z starter kit includes the brightest Wi-Fi enabled LED light Strip with 16 million colours. These flexible light strips simply plug into the wall then use a stick adhesive to allow you to place them exactly where you want. Let your imagination run wild with 8 individually addressable colour/white zones per meter and have fun creating patterns and custom wave forms.

What you’ll need: A power supply and your imagination.

3. Want to go hands-free?
Devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Assistant are hands-free voice activated ‘smart hubs’ that give you ultimate control over your lighting, music, smart phones, appliances – even your shower! Paired with our smart globes, these little beginner-friendly beauties allow you to ‘talk’ to your lighting and control it all without lifting a finger.

What you’ll need: An Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant home hub and smart globes.

Shop smarter at Australia’s smart lighting specialists.

Like all new technology, it pays to talk to someone in the know when it comes to choosing your smart lighting setup. Beacon Lighting is the home of smart lighting where you’ll find everything you need to set up your entire smart lighting system, including Amazon Echo, Google Home hubs and our exclusive Lucci Connect range of smart lighting globes.

Come in and talk to one of our smart lighting specialists and get connected! Find your closest store here.

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