Creating the perfect first impression

Nothing says welcome home like a beautiful hallway, and this week on The Block, we saw how this often neglected space can set the mood for your whole house with the right styling.

Courtney & Hans

The Block Channel 9

The Block Channel 9

What they did:  With a mix of quirky artefacts, art deco furniture and pop artwork, Courtney & Hans created a fun fusion of styles.

Get the look:  Neale loved the “glamorous eccentricity” of this space, with the sculptural elements of our Orion pendant adding to the grandeur. Round mirrors are certainly trending, and our LEDlux Reflextion light and mirror in the powder room mixes style with functionality.

Kerrie & Spence

The Block Channel 9

The Block Channel 9

What they did:  The judges were wowed by the lighting and artwork in Kerrie & Spence’s winning hallway, which was perfectly planned to feel like an art gallery. LED strip lighting in their laundry was also a functional choice.

Get the look: As Darren noted, something as simple as placing a series of our MFL Minitrim downlights close to each other to illuminate both the artwork and walls is all you need to envelop a large space with warmth. To achieve the same look in the laundry, install LIFX strip lights under cabinetry and control them all through your phone.

Hayden & Sara

The Block Channel 9

What they did:  While the judges were highly critical of their overall styling and lack of clean up, Darren loved the way Hayden & Sara used our LEDlux Elfa steplights all the way down the hallway.

Get the look: Placing steplights close to the ground makes soft, subtle shapes on the floor and adds an extra level of illumination to a room.

Norm & Jess

The Block Channel 9

What they did: With white walls, skylights and a simple touch of white marble, Norm & Jess created a hallway that was awash with light.

Get the look: High ceilings allow you to be bold with your lighting. Neale had high praise for the three black pendants, and our Herman round pendant would be the perfect choice for a similar Scandi-inspired hallway.

Bianca & Carla

What they did:  With what the judges described as a “subtle yet sensational” lighting plan, Bianca & Carla brought a feeling of homeliness to their ultra-modern penthouse.

Get the look: Statement lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, and as Darren noted, something as simple as well placed directional downlights such as our MFL Titan range can make a big impact.

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