Don't change your globes until 2029!

This is the brightest energy saving idea we’ve seen in years. The new revolutionary GE LED Bright Stik is switched on to the latest LED technology, promising to give you super energy efficiency that lasts over 13 years*!
This little light may be smaller in size than your old CFLs, but it really packs a punch when it comes to performance. We’ve tried it and it’s true!

Firstly, it has a unique cylindrical shape which not only looks more stylish streamlined (perfect for pendants and lamps with exposed globes), it also fits more fixtures in comparison to CFL globes.

And forget waiting for the globe to ‘heat up’. The LED Bright Stik gives you instant full brightness as soon as you switch it on, and delivers a wide beam of light for a superior quality light and function.


LED Bright Stik:
• Uses 70% less energy than halogen globes
• Uses 20% less energy than CFL globes
• Lasts 50% longer than CFL globes
• Lasts 7 times longer than halogen globes

So say goodbye to your old CFL and halogen globes and make the switch to the new GE LED Bright Stik, the perfect lower energy, longer life, cost effective solution for all your lighting needs.

Last 13 Years* - rated life is based on three hours of operation per day.

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