From ravaged to revamped

This week’s episode of Selling Houses Australia saw Andrew, Shaynna and Charlie fighting dust, heat and the ravages of family life to turn a home from bust to boom!

The challenge
Molly and Tom bought their 5-bedroom home in Mt. Isa at the height of the mining boom, but since then, the market’s headed south and so has the state of their property. With the couple still asking for top dollar, Shaynna and Charlie had to dig deep into their bag of tricks to get this family out of their property predicament.

Changing the little things makes a big difference
The dining room was tired and oppressive, but Shaynna showed that changing a few small things can make any room look brand new. She replaced the flooring, painted the ugly brown cabinetry white and added our Shore rattan pendant to create a cool, contemporary open plan space.

Dining Room Before & AfterSHA ep 10SHA ep 10

The calming cool of colour
Dominated by a large, ugly white wall, the living room lacked any personality. Shaynna gave it instant character by painting it teal and she carried this beautiful colour through to the master suite, which was a clever way to connect the spaces.

Lounge Room Before & AfterSHA ep 10SHA ep 10SHA ep 10

The best way to style such a distinctive colour is to keep it simple. Shaynna spoke about the importance of using a combination of functional lighting and mood lighting in a space, pairing downlights with our Albus lamps and Wilfred table lamps.

Master Bedroom Before & AfterSHA ep 10SHA ep 10

Simple styling tricks such as reducing clutter and adding modern lamps such as our Mondo, Neva and Geo transformed the kid’s bedrooms into fun, funky spaces.

Bedrooms Before & AfterSHA ep 10SHA ep 10SHA ep 10SHA ep 10SHA ep 10SHA ep 10SHA ep 10SHA ep 10

Ready to dust off your makeover skills? Take a tip from Shaynna and the team and shop the latest trends from Beacon Lighting, proud suppliers to Selling Houses Australia.

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