Get with the global revolution

Get with the Global Revolution

We’re big on energy saving here, which is why we’re excited that more and more people are getting on board with LED lighting. 10 years ago, halogens were all the rage, followed by compact fluorescent lamps. But now LED’s, the most energy efficient light source on the planet, are taking the world by storm.

Not surprising when you consider they’re a whopping 90% more efficient than old incandescent globes, and 85% more efficient than halogens.

Even better, they run for about 30,000 hours – that’s 15-20 years- without changing a globe!

Because LED’s are more expensive than other globes, a lot of people are making the switch one room at a time.

So how do know which globe is right for you? Get advice from the experts here

House and Garden-August 2013

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