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With a few weeks left to go for this season’s wrap-up, the Blockheads have been refining their lighting designing skills and presenting one incredible room after another. Let’s have a look at the studio and verandah beauties they created in week 10 and 11.

Week 10 – Spectacular studios

Deb & Andy’s studio
Their lighting choice: Our Herman pendants + Tahitian fan
The verdict: Andy and Deb delivered an “aesthetically perfect” and serene space with our Tahitian fan and bedside Herman pendants that even moved Shaynna to tears. It was a room with a “healing interior” and radiated the same “built with love” vibe that’s present in the entire home.

Tahitian fan

Jesse & Mel’s studio
Their lighting choice: Our Meridian lamps
The verdict: Jesse and Mel revealed a bedroom, lounge area, ensuite and walk-in robe with a desk, yet another addition to their home which has “lots of amenity and function built into it.” Neale pronounced Jesse and Mel as “masters of modern luxury” and with good reason. They displayed such good taste by choosing our Meridian lamps for sophisticated bedside lighting.

new_0006_820 blog

Tess & Luke’s studio
Their lighting choice: Our Clayton pendants
The verdict: Tess and Luke delivered the most functional space creating the only self-contained studio apartment complete with bedroom, ensuite and kitchenette. Beautifully planned with a good use of space, this winning studio delivered “luxury based on functionality.” Used as alternatives to table lamps, our Clayton wall pendants felt right at home in the modern bedside setting.

The Block verandah and Studio week

Tess & Luke’s studio ensuite
Their lighting choice: Our Saba wall bracket
The verdict: As part of their studio reveal, Tess and Luke presented a practical and stylish ensuite. The judges were happy with everything right from the ample vanity storage and overhead shower to the heated towel rail. Our sleek Saba dimmable wall bracket over the mirror coupled with the textured wall tiles gave the compact space a touch of class.

The Block verandah and Studio week

Week 11 – Winning Verandah vibes

Mitch & Mark’s verandah
Their lighting choice: Our Miami wall sconce
The verdict: “What a sanctuary!” Shaynna exclaimed as the judges admired the chilled out, comfy space that Mitch and Mark had created outside their guest bedroom. Shaynna gushed about our stunning Miami wall sconces which added to the homey look of the space.

The Block verandah and Studio week

Deb & Andy’s verandah
Their lighting choice: Our Portsea exterior wall brackets
The verdict: For the judges, Deb and Andy’s upstairs verandah had more generosity and warmth, appearing more in line with their style. Neale put it well: “there’s more of a story happening here, there’s more of a sense of lifestyle … suddenly they’ve created a little area that you want to be in.” Our Portsea wall lights with their elegant goose necks were such a beautiful add-on to the verandahs and fit in perfectly with their theme and the St Kilda vibe.

The Block verandah and Studio week

El’ise & Matt’s verandah
Their lighting choice: Our Portsea exterior wall brackets
The verdict: Adding a game of Jenga was a great idea to create a family fun space on level two at El’ise and Matt’s place. Preferred by Deb and Andy too, Darren loved our decorative Portsea wall lights which infused some great vintage charm and character to their simple and spacious verandah.

The Block verandah and Studio week

Jesse & Mel’s verandah
Their lighting choice: Our Chrysler lights
The verdict: We can’t focus on the view with our Chrysler outdoor lights looking so pretty on Jesse and Mel’s verandah. How we'd love to sit out here under their beautiful glow!
(Did you know? You can customise your style with 200 different combinations from our Chrysler range!)

The Block verandah and Studio week

Week 12 is coming up and it’s a herculean task of delivering studies, media rooms and hallways. Phew! But we’re sure the teams will take it in their stride and dazzle us with their reveals.

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