Landscaping with lighting

Not even Cyclone Debbie could stop our feisty House Rules teams from transforming drab outdoor spaces into stunning gardens and exteriors.

The key to creating a great outdoor space is to look at it as another ‘room’ in the home. And just as you use lighting inside your home to create different moods, choosing a mix of lighting such as spike spots, path lights and exterior wall brackets for your outdoor space lets you change the mood from tranquil and serene to party-central at the flick of a switch.

Lawrence loved the celebratory feel of our Festoon 10 Light string lights, which are perfect for decorating outdoor entertaining areas or to create an inviting glow when draped over bedheads or walls inside. These versatile, all-purpose lights combine the traditional look of bulbs with LED technology and are designed to withstand all weather elements.


Whether you have a lush garden or a small courtyard, thoughtfully positioned outdoor lighting can really prolong the enjoyment of an outdoor space and transform it into a year-round entertaining oasis.

Shop the products as seen on House Rules Week 7.

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