Let's be honest, we've all had those moments where we catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror and are not exactly overjoyed with what we see. The good news is, it's not you, it's just bad lighting!

To help you put your best face forward, follow our expert tips to choosing vanity lighting.

Tip 1: Layer your bathroom lighting sources

The bathroom is a space that needs a combination of task and ambient light sources. Task lights such as wall sconces, provide more concentrated light and are usually placed around the vanity. They provide enough light for applying makeup, brushing teeth and shaving while ambient lighting such as flush mounts and pendants, light the rest of the room.

Tip 2. Consider the placement of your vanity lighting

There are two primary options placing vanity lighting in any bathroom. The first is on either side of the mirror. This provides great light across the face and should be installed at eye level. The second is over top of the mirror. This provides a more even light source and should be positioned so that the light is reflecting off of the mirror and onto the face. 

Tip 3. Choose the right colour globes

Cool white is often a popular choice as it provides a fresh and visually ‘bright’ light, which is great for task lighting. However, warm white still offers the same amount of physical light, but without the effect of washing out the face (think of fluoro lights in a public space). This also gives a more relaxed vibe to the space.

More importantly than the visible colour though, is the CRI (colour rendering index) or colour accuracy of your bathroom lighting. This is especially helpful for tasks like applying makeup. For best results, we recommend a CRI of 80 or higher if possible. Our Reflextion mirror with integrated LED lighting is a dream for those who apply makeup in the bathroom. 

Tip 4: Think beyond vanity lighting to give your bathroom a spa-like feel

The bathroom is also a place to pamper yourself, and using accent lighting such as dimmable spot lights or adjustable downlights can help create soft highlights that mimic a luxurious spa. Strip lighting can also help you create a soft ambiance and is a popular trend in bathroom design. You can get creative and use strips around your mirror, under cabinetry or along skirting boards because they're completely fleixible and waterproof!

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