Beacon’s DIY Quick Connect system is the quickest, easiest way to turn any outdoor area, whether it’s a small courtyard or lush garden, into an alfresco oasis. This easy to install exterior lighting not only adds warmth and ambience to outdoor entertaining, it also provides more safety and security when you’re walking around outside.

Step 1

Think about all the areas you’d like to highlight and illuminate such as trees, pathways, water features and architectural features and plan your lighting accordingly. The DIY Quick Connect range includes spike spots, bollards, ribbon lights, wall, step and deck lights plus easy to install wiring kits and accessories.

Step 2

Locate an outdoor power outlet as close as possible to the area you are lighting then secure the transformer to the wall.

Step 3

Plug the loom into the transformer by removing the safety cap off the outlets, then firmly push the DIY plug from the loom. This should be a firm, tight connection.


While multiple lighting looms can be connected to each other (e.g. a 3 light loom can be connected on any outlet of a 3 or 6 light loom), avoid connecting more than 2 lighting looms and 1 extension loom together as this could cause voltage drop and reduce the light at the end of the run.

Step 4

Once you have rolled out the loom and the DIY outlet line up with the desired points of interest, connect the light using the same process as connecting the loom.

Step 5

Ensure you have securely connected and tightened all connectors, before you plug it in. If you don’t have a power supply in your garden, check out our DIY solar cell, which is a simple replacement to the transformer.

Have questions? Visit our lighting experts in-store or get started now and shop DIY Quick Connect online.