We all love entertaining outdoors, and whether you have a lush garden or a small courtyard, thoughtfully positioned outdoor lighting can really prolong the enjoyment of an outdoor space and transform it into a year-round entertaining oasis.

The trick is to layer your lighting and think about the purpose of the space, so you can easily change the mood from tranquil and serene to party-central at the flick of a switch.

Path lights and spotlights

They are important to light up paths and steps, increasing security and safety. They also highlight interesting features such as a garden bed, statue, water feature, swimming pool and spa.

Step and deck lights 

These type of lights hould be used as a guiding light on stairs, and surrounding a swimming pool or water. This indirect lighting technique also provides a warm circular glow, highlighting ground cover, plants and pathways.


Our top three design tips

1. To create a focal point in outdoor areas:

Direct feature lighting in a single direction to draw attention to the space. To create a soft lighting effect and add depth and dimension: Cross two spotlights in different directions.

2. To create a shadowy effect: 

Place an object directly in front of the subject, then direct the light through it. Move the light closer to the object for larger shadows, or further away for a smaller shadow.

3. To create a silhouette effect: 

Place a hidden light behind an object and direct it at the wall or façade. The object will be silhouetted against the wall and illuminated at the same time.

With these tips and tricks shop our outdoor lighting range today and get your garden ready for outdoor entertaining!