Tamara & Rhys’ modern, minimalist home

With three renos down, the teams headed up to sunny Brisbane to take on Tamara and Rhys’ fixer-upper house. It’s old, it’s rickety but it’s filled with love! The couple bought this house with the intention of making it their forever home where they could start a family, but it ended up being fitted with attempted DIYs. So, they handed over the keys of their dream home to the teams and laid out the rules, the two most important being designing an integrated, clutter free, minimalist home and ensuring every room delivers a wow. Let’s have a look at all the spaces that wowed the couple and us.

Kitchen by Kayne & Aimee
Their lighting choice: Our Panorama 6-light pendant
The verdict: With the aim of creating a modern, minimalist space, Kayne and Aimee styled the kitchen with elements featuring sleek finishes and clean lines. They used a contrasting colour palette of black and white peppered with glossy green tones. Our Panorama pendant over the kitchen island provided a sophisticated and modern sculptural look. They cleverly adjusted four heads of the pendant to provide ambient illumination and directed two heads downwards to illuminate the island for meal preps. By positioning the pendant close to the ceiling, they created a perception of a larger space. We can picture Tamara and Rhys cooking in style here!

Dining room by Laith & George
Their lighting choice: Our Strix pendant
The verdict: After a tough week of negotiating space, we think Laith and George’s dining room came out on top! We can’t get enough of those emerald green chairs and our minimalist yet impactful Strix pendant. Jewel tones? Tick! Modern minimalism? Tick! Wow factor? Double tick!


Study by Kayne & Aimee
Their lighting choice: Our Panorama 4-light pendant
The verdict: Kayne and Aimee continued to impress by using the 4-light version of our Panorama pendant in the study. They combined this modern, sculptural lighting design with furniture featuring sleek black finishes and deep jewel green hues. Installing a pendant that’s dimmable and has adjustable heads gives Tamara and Rhys great flexibility in customising their ambience.

House Rules - week 5 reveal

Master bedroom by Lenore & Bradley
Their lighting choice: Our Orion pendant and strip lighting
Their cooling choice: Our Aria ceiling fan
The verdict: Lenore and Bradley were handed one of the most important rooms of the house – the master bedroom and they gave it the stunning makeover it deserved. They chose our attractive Orion pendant as bedside feature pendants – a trend we’ve seen this whole season. They added sophistication to the ceiling with our Aria fan and created a beautiful effect in the walk-in robe with our strip lighting. We think this room is wow, wow and wow!

House Rules - week 5 reveal

Tamara and Rhys got the dream home they deserved thanks to the brilliant styling efforts of all the teams. If you’re after a similar modern, minimalist look for your own home, you can recreate it with our products. Shop all the lights and fans used in this reveal here.

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