The 3 worst lighting mistakes you can make

As Australia’s lighting specialists, Beacon Lighting knows the important role lighting plays in making your home feel warm and inviting. Unfortunately, far too often, we’re seeing homes lit with a million downlights that while, functional, are far from fashionable. So if you want to avoid creating a space that looks and feels more like an office space or a dental surgery, take note of what not to do!

1.     Don’t light a room with just one light source

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While downlights have their place, layering your lighting is key to creating warmth and atmosphere. Adding lamps and pendants gives you flexibility to switch between task and ambient lighting.

2.     Don’t over light a room

In Home Lighting Design Service

Ok, so now you’ve got a mix of lamps and pendants, it’s important to remember that that for each additional light, you’re going to increase the overall illumination of the room. Strike the perfect balance between light and shade by lowering the wattage of lamps, and adding dimmers to pendants.

3.     Don’t choose the wrong globes

In Home Lighting Design Service

Different globes have different effects in a room, so make sure you have the right globe for the mood you want to create. Warm white globes are perfect for creating a relaxed ambience, so these are a good choice in areas such as living rooms and bedrooms. Spaces that require task lighting such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry need more light, so choose cool white globes for these spaces.

Want to avoid lighting mistakes and transform your home from woeful to wow? Get expert design advice with Beacon Lighting’s inspiring In Home Lighting Design Service. Learn more here.

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