The art of fine dining

Using statement lighting and fans is a great way to create zones in a combined living and dining space, and as we saw in the latest reveals on The Block, installing smart lighting added to the wow factor.  

Kerrie & Spence
What they did: Kerrie & Spence added even more impact to their coffered ceiling by using a trio of our black Circa pendants over the dining table and a black ceiling fan in the living area.
Get the look: Create a warm, intimate feel in a large space with the soft glow of our dome-like Circa pendants. Complement this look with a ceiling fan such as our Airfusion Type A in black (or white as the judges suggested) to zone the space and relax the mood. Amazon Alexa added to the wow-factor, with hands-free voice control of all lighting in the room.

The Block Channel 9

Courtney & Hans
What they did: In what proved to be a winning move, Courtney and Hans cleverly zoned their massive space into 3 separate areas, each with their own distinct personality.
Get the look: Give an open plan space intimacy and warmth by adding a combination of light sources. Courtney & Hans used pendants in the dining area, our Mondo table lamp in the living room, and ceiling fans in the style of our Bayside Calypso in the sitting room.

The Block Channel 9

Hayden & Sara
What they did: Hayden & Sara zoned their spaces by choosing different colour palettes such as deep blue navy in the dining room and soft grey and pink in the living area.
Get the look: Our Orion pendant in brass sets the mood for an intimate, mid-century modern dining experience, while our Airfusion Type A fan brought warmth to a neutral palette.

The Block Channel 9

 Norm & Jess
What they did: Darren and Neale “absolutely loved” the pared back styling of this room, which allowed feature pieces such as the handcrafted coffee table and open fireplace to shine.
Get the look: Darren had high praise for the lighting layout, with Norm & Jess making the most of their high ceiling by adding two of our cascading Venezia pendants to bring a touch of glamour. For a more modern look as Shaynna suggested, our Orion pendant in smoke glass is perfect over a dining table.

The Block Channel 9

Bianca & Carla
What they did: The moody palette of black, grey and timber was complemented with a variety of textures and colours such as plush brown leather and pops of navy blue to create a sense of easy luxury.
Get the look: Our Conrad floor lamp adds a beautifully stylish, yet functional light source for reading. However, Shaynna noticed the lack of task lighting in this space. Evenly space our Surface  downlights across a living area to ensure there's a variety of light sources.

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