The battle of the terraces

The last of the Gatwick reveals proved that the styling of an outdoor area is just an important as the interior when it comes to creating a home for all seasons.

The Block Channel 9Courtney & Hans
What they did: Courtney & Hans created the ultimate indoor/outdoor space by installing a cinema projector in what Darren described as a “light, bright and refined” room.

Get the look: Choose all black products such as our Thermastrip heaters and Sentinel lights, which gave this room a bolder, more sophisticated look.

The Block Channel 9

Kerrie & Spence
What they did: Kerrie & Spence used our Thermastrip heaters, an alfresco ceiling fan and layers of greenery to produce a warm and cosy outdoor room.

Get the look: Add even more creative touches to an inviting outdoor ambience by placing string lighting such as our Copper Wire LED 40 light string set in planters, jars and around feature artwork.

The Block Channel 9

Hayden & Sara
What they did: Hayden & Sara chose a custom-made arched concrete BBQ bench to add a feeling of luxury and architectural interest to their stunning terrace.

Get the look: Install an alfresco fan such as our Bayside Nautilus to add a functional design feature that keeps an entertaining space cool and relaxed.

The Block Channel 9

Norm & Jess
What they did: The judges loved how Norm & Jess created a perfect multi-functional entertaining space with a combination of tiles, timber and our LEDLux Marine wall spots zoning each “artistic and sculptural” area on this winning terrace.

Get the look: Highlight the beauty of lush potted plants and create a beautiful shadow effect with our Sunset solar bollards.

The Block Channel 9

Bianca & Carla
What they did: Using a combination of steel, stone and rich timber to zone their huge terrace, Neale described this outdoor oasis as “classic, modern, sexy and glamorous.”

Get the look: Along with our Thermastrip heaters and Sentinel spike spots used by Bianca & Carla, cluster a vignette of our Haus LED votive candles in alfresco areas to create a warm, cosy feel in the evenings.

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