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    4 Mistakes to avoid when switching to LEDs

    ... - and easily avoided - mistakes to keep in mind before upgrading your LEDs. ; We all know that switching your old globes to energy efficient dimmable LED lights will save you big time in energy and replacement costs. In ...

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    Planning Your Lighting for Relaxed Living with Jenna Densten

    ... and organic shapes. In my eyes, using these colours in combination with the right lighting throughout our home sets the scene for relaxed living. For our most cosy Winter yet, I've selected a few new lights for our home ...

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    How To Get The Block Look In Your Outdoor Areas, Study, Wine Cellar & Garage

    ... brass bollards along the garden path to set the scene. Backyard Mitch & Mark's Backyard Their lighting ... of lighting such as dimmable downlights and wall lights to switch the mood and comfort level of the room from business ...

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    The Block 2023 Get The Look: Upstairs Bathrooms

    ... to detail also earned praise, with Shaynna noting the switch covers matching the tiles, a sign of the sisters' ... modern, stylish, and versatile. They feature our Scene Change At The Wall technology allowing easy changes ...

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    From 70's shocker to suburban sensation

    ... room turned two dreary spaces into one incredible open plan space. Fresh white cabinetry and benchtops set the scene for contemporary living in the dining space. The sleek, linear design of our LEDlux Contempo Up/Down ...

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    Beginners Guide to Smart Lighting

    ... off. With one single globe, you can dim your lights, switch the temperature of your globes from a bright white light to ... for your lights. Or even set up custom scenes for different occassions like "movie night" or " ...

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    Discover the power of pendants

    ... . Pendants in the entry or hallway A pendant light in a hallway acts as a dramatic but warm and welcoming opening scene and sets the design tone for your home. It's important to hang the pendant high enough so that it ...

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    Smart lighting powers up buyer interest

    ... life so much easier and has a huge affect on your general health and well-being by allowing you to switch up the mood of a room to complement your activities. In order to maximise the selling price, Shaynna replaced the ...

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    Illuminating 2023: A Year in Review for Beacon Lighting

    ... on the range expansion to continue to excite our customers and the end users who use these switches every day with new finishes that complement our lighting products. DOWNLIGHTS BY SCOTT ROBINSON Highlights from 2023 ...

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    5 Lighting Ideas To Transform Your Kitchen

    ... an app or your voice. This way, you can use cool white light when you're cooking and cleaning, and switch to warm white light when you're entertaining or having a quiet meal with the family. LED Strip Lighting Modest in ...

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    How To Plan Bedroom Lighting Like A Pro: An Interior Designer's Tips + Tricks

    ... for any lights that require installation. Do this by planning: 1. a power switch for each wall or pendant light at each bedside 2. a second switch at the bedroom entry that controls both bedside lights so they can be ...

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    How to automate your lighting

    ... For a start, you can say goodbye to getting up and down or travelling from room to room to turn light switches on and off. Having control of all your lights from your smart device or home hub means you can dim the ...

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    How To Get The Block Look In Your Bedroom & Bathroom

    ... materials creates an aura of sophistication. Mitch & Mark's Master Bedroom Their lighting choice: Powermesh 4 Gang Switch , Zimi Cloud Connect How to get the look: Besides making their space look glamourous, Mitch and ...

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    The Block 2021 Winners And Our Favourite Rooms

    ... tell one glamorous story. Week 3 - Mitch & Mark's Master Bedroom Their lighting choice: Powermesh 4 Gang Switch , Zimi Cloud Connect The verdict: While Mitch and Mark nailed the styling, what made this room extra special ...

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    How To Style Small Spaces

    ... round to keep you cool on hot days and warm on cold days. All you have to do is flick a switch to change the direction in which the blades turn to activate summer or winter modes. Ceiling fans are available in a variety ...

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    Style session: How to modernise your lighting

    ... where you want to feel energized such as the kitchen or laundry. 3. Install smart lighting When you make the switch to smart lighting, you'll see why so many people absolutely love it! With Google Home or Alexa Assistant ...

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    The Block 2023 Get The Look: Double Bedrooms

    ... Leah and Ash chose Nevadas on either side of the daybed. The Nevada wall bracket features minimalist detailing and a switch on the head for easy on/off control. Attica table lamp in sage . The Attica is a fun, versatile ...

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    The 3 worst mistakes you can make with lighting

    ... place, layering your lighting is key to creating warmth and atmosphere. Adding lamps and pendants gives you flexibility to switch between task and ambient lighting. 2. Don't over light a room Ok, so now you've got a ...

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    The Importance Of Globe Colour Temperature

    ... think about such things when replacing globes. But now, we're finding many households who have made the switch to LEDs are unhappy with their chosen globe because it emits a different light than what they're accustomed ...

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    Tips and tricks to landscape your garden with lighting

    ... , so you can easily change the mood from tranquil and serene to party-central at the flick of a switch. Path lights and spotlights They are important to light up paths and steps, increasing security and safety. They also ...

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    How to design an energy efficient lighting plan

    ... average household electricity budget. Follow these tips to designing your lighting for maximum energy efficiency. Make the switch to LEDs LEDs are one of the most energy efficient light sources on the planet, using about ...

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    How to light your dining room

    ... rooms, it's particularly important in multi-tasking spaces. In the dining room, you'll want to be able to switch the mood from bright and energetic for times when you're working, to soft and relaxing for times when you ...

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    Your Ceiling Fan Guide For 2021

    ... in a variety of styles and colours. They're all DIY, so you can simply plug them in and switch them on. With their oscillating heads, speed options and comparable air moving capabilities, they're a great alternative to ...

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    How Lighting Affects Your Health

    ... wake up refreshed. If you're not ready to invest in smart lighting , choose lamps that let you manually switch between a range of colour temperatures and brightness levels. If that's too tough to remember, simply install ...

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    Downlights: A Handy Lighting Guide For Every Home

    ... . At Beacon, we also offer downlights that come with three colour temperature options and a convenient switch to toggle between options. Just make sure to select the colour temperature you want before you install ...

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    Lighting Ideas To Create Your Dream Bedroom

    ... of lighting in your bedroom allows you to create the right mood for any activity at the flick of a switch. Bedside Table Lamps Bedside lamps have long been a key bedroom decorating staple as they're perfect for bedtime ...

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    The Block 2023 Get The Look: Master Ensuites

    ... in their master ensuite. They chose Custom tri-colour downlights , which offer a convenient colour-switch feature to match the room's lighting needs. Additionally, they incorporated MFL strip lighting beneath their ...

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    Dea & Darren's Love Shack Reno

    ... a stunning alternative to downlights. The industrial charm of Buster & Punch switches Like the jewellery on an outfit, these cutting-edge switches from the UK were installed throughout the whole home, adding the perfect ...

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    How to Light Your Space Like a Design Pro

    ... home can be tricky. So we've put together the top 5 tips from our design consultants to help you get switched on to expert lighting design. Are you ready to update your lighting but not sure how to get started? Follow ...

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    Three Birds Renovations' Smart Lighting Guide

    ... smart lighting: It's super easy, versatile and fun! It can instantly change the mood of any room by switching your lighting from cool to warm without changing the globes It can be fully automated to give you complete ...

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    5 simple lighting hacks to transform your home

    ... “Less is more” with black, so just by adding little touches such as our cutting edge Buster & Punch black switches, you can reference the trend. Want to embrace the trend without breaking the budget? That's easy with our ...

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    13+ Bathroom Lighting Ideas For 2021

    ... a variety of grooming tasks and the time of day. Featured lighting: LEDlux Kings LED 600mm Dimmable Colour Switching Wall Bracket in Black One of the latest trends in vanity lighting is an integrated mirror light. The ...