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Run your home by remote control


Your iPhone, iPad or computer is now your window to a whole new world of home automation. Imagine being able to access and control your lights and home appliances – with just the touch of a button. Ehabitation is a complete home automation system that’s easy, secure and puts all your home comforts in the palm of your hand.


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Habitate an easier world

These days, our lives are busier and more hectic than ever. Ehabitation puts you back in control and makes running your entire home more efficient, more secure and far more enjoyable. You can schedule your home to operate when and how you want it. Control your lights, appliances and cameras anytime, anywhere in the world. Set the scene for entertaining in an instant by changing the lighting – all by your iPad or iPhone.


So, how does ehabitation work?

Using state-of-the-art Z-wave technology, ehabitation operates very much like any other wireless device. Once the Beacon Lighting  ehabitation application is installed on your computer/iPhone/iPad it talks to the Vera MiOS Gateway, wirelessly relaying your commands to the various ehabitation switches that you have around your home.


Easily affordable

Unlike some other home automation systems, ehabitation is affordable and extremely easy to use. It can be installed in new homes or retrofit into existing homes. Some components are DIY, such as the plug in appliance switch for lamps and general appliances. You don’t have to damage walls or lay expensive cables.


The new wave of wireless

Exciting new Z-wave technology is the brains behind ehabitation. Think of it as your own automated personal assistant. At your command, it passes information between switches in your home. You can start with a very simple, low cost system and build it to automate more items in your home. The unique low radio frequency of (921.42 MHz) Z-wave prevents any interference from other wireless devices you may have in your home, and there is no chance of interference from any neighbouring Z-wave systems. It’s fast, reliable and always at your beck and call.


Operate by iPad or iPhone

Your iPhone or iPad acts as a remote control for the ehabitation system. Just tap the icon to see all the controls to your home. Everything that is included in your ehabitation home is accessible. The Beacon Automation application talks to the Vera MiOS Gateway, which then wirelessly relays your commands to the various switches that you have around your home.


Please contact the ehabitation team for more information.

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