How to sync a DC Fan Remote

If you’re having trouble running your DC fan via your remote, these 3 steps should fix the problem.

Step 1. Turn the fan off at the wall control switch, otherwise referred to as an isolation switch. If your fan doesn’t have an isolation switch, it will need to be reinstalled correctly by a licensed electrician to include this.

Step 2. Remove the battery from the remote and then reinstall it. This will reset the remote.

Step 3. Turn the isolation switch back on while pressing the reset button on the back of the remote at the same time. The red light on the front of the remote will light up. Hold for 8 to 10 seconds. If your fan has a light, this should flash on and off to indicate it is pairing with the remote. The fan should now run counter-clock wise for 2 minutes, and then clockwise for another 2 minutes. During this time it’s very important you don’t touch the remote.

If you have further questions, check out our ceiling fan FAQs.

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