LED lighting FAQs

LED lighting FAQs

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LED lighting FAQs

As a new technology, our customers often have questions about LED. See below for the answers to frequently asked questions about switching to LED lights.

How can I tell whether I have incandescent, halogen or CFL globes?

Incandescent globes look like the traditional ‘Edison’-shaped light bulb, with a filament strung across two metal bars in the centre of the globe. Halogen globes will look similar to incandescent, but have a filament between the bars inside another glass envelope. In addition, regular downlights that have not been changed to LED are likely to be halogen. CFLs look like a fluorescent tube twisted into shape to fit a standard light fitting.

How can I tell what wattage globe I have already?

This information will be printed on, or etched into, the base of the globe.

How many LED downlights do I need for an area?

The number of downlights you need for a certain room or area is dependant on which downlight you choose – click here for our guide to choosing LED downlights

This also comes down to personal preference. Some people like to have controlled beams of light that have the ability to highlight areas, others like to have an even constant single level of lighting. For expert advice on your lighting plans, click the ‘Ask Debbie’ icon at the top right of your screen to chat live via instant message, or Call Debbie on 03 8561 1599 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm EST). If shopping in store, speak to one of our helpful customer service assistants. If you need help with designing the lighting for your entire home, why not book an InHome Lighting Design consultation?

How do I replace my halogen downlight globes with LED globes?

Beacon Lighting has a number of DIY replacement LED globes – click here for our easy guide on how to replace the globes yourself.

Do LED lights work with motion sensors?

Yes! However some older sensors may not work. It is best to test the replacement light fitting or lamps first as some sensors don’t completely switch off and residual current can allow the LED to glow. We have suitable sensors that will work on LEDs. 

Can I use LED globes in my chandelier?

Yes, Beacon Lighting has LED candle globe in warm white – we would recommend the LEDlux Inka. The candle globe has been specially constructed to show the crystal with the sparkle and clarity you would be used to with an incandescent globe.

What if I break an LED?

As LEDs contain no mercury, these lights are very safe. To dispose of a broken globe, simply wrap it in newspaper to avoid cutting yourself, and put in the bin.

What is the warranty on LEDlux LEDs?

There is a 5 year warranty on all LEDlux downlights, and 3 year warranty on all LEDlux globes.

Is it safe to buy LED lights from eBay and online retailers?

eBay and other online sites are very popular. However, it’s important to be aware that LED is a new technology. With any new technology there are many businesses that will try to profiteer from it, and may use eBay and online businesses to do so.

In reality, some of these businesses have no experience with lighting. Many disreputable businesses and sellers on the internet will make claims about the performance of their products that are completely false and misleading. As a general rule, if the claim from the seller – be it a retailer or online seller – seems too good to be true (and comparable products cannot be sourced from reputable suppliers), then it probably is.

The Lighting Council of Australia is well aware of this issue and Lighting Council members like Beacon Lighting are helping the Lighting Council stop these traders from misleading the public and in turn damaging the good reputation that LED deserves. The introduction of the SSL label is assisting consumers to recognise a tested product from a product that has no independent testing. The SSL label checks and confirms the stated lumens, wattage, CRI and beam angle are all true and tested statements.

As a long-term investment for you, it is very wise to only purchase from a reputable retailer, and buy well-known brands as you know they will be around in the future to handle any problems you may have.

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