Chandelier Lighting Tips

A chandelier is a real statement piece, and with the popularity of eclectic style, these days you’ll find them in both traditional and modern settings. Before you choose your chandelier, consider if your current décor style is traditional or contemporary, and whether to mix or match.


Depending on how bold you want to be, the rule of thumb for chandeliers is usually the bigger the better. However, do consider the width and height of the area. The taller the ceiling, the larger the chandelier. For ceilings nine feet or higher, consider installing a multi-tiered chandelier to cascade down the space. Remember though, a chandelier should still complement the room and its décor, not overpower it.


While a chandelier provides a dramatic focal point, it shouldn’t be the only source of light in a room. Accent lights either side of the chandelier or over key furniture pieces (e.g. couches, tables, vanities) help provide adequate room lighting.


You must also consider ease of cleaning when selecting your chandelier and choosing its location. Most crystal chandeliers can be cleaned with a spray-on solution (available from Beacon), which can simply be left to drip-dry over a drop cloth. However, for truly stunning results we recommend using the spray-on solution to give your chandelier a thorough hand-polish once a year – read on for more details.


Finally, be creative with your use of chandeliers! Think beyond the dining room – they look equally as stunning in stairwells, bedrooms and even bathrooms!


Much more than just a light, a crystal chandelier can be kept as a treasured family heirloom to be passed down through the generations.




  • Chandeliers must be installed by a licensed electrician
  • If hanging your chandelier in the dining room, ensure it is positioned directly above the middle of the dining room table. For a striking look, hang the chandelier approximately 75-85cm above the table (based on a standard 2.4m high ceiling)
  • For chandeliers with exposed globes, choose low wattage globes so that guests won’t feel excessive heat or find it too bright to relax
  • Use clear globes instead of frosted. This ensures maximum coloured light refraction through the crystal. Also, in French-style chandeliers, clear globes create the effect that the chandelier is holding candles
  • Consider a dimmer to change the mood and save energy
  • Decorate the chandelier chain with fabric if you want to conceal it. The fabric should be twice as long as the chain to achieve a stylish bunched appearance. However, many Beacon Lighting chandeliers come with fabric cover included



  • We recommend cleaning your chandelier thoroughly once a year. Combined with a light dusting every six months, this will keep your chandelier sparkling!
  • Never clean with the power on
  • For best results, use cotton gloves, one dampened with a crystal chandelier cleaning solution (available from Beacon Lighting), the other dry. To work the dust off individual pieces, caress the crystal with the damp glove and wipe it dry immediately with the dry glove
  • Never put crystal from a chandelier in the dishwasher
  • For in-between cleans, use the simple drip-dry method. Lay out a drop cloth, saturate the chandelier with a crystal cleaning spray (available from Beacon), and allow it to dry. This technique is also ideal for chandeliers with small beads that are difficult to clean by hand



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