Pendant Lighting Tips

Versatile and super stylish, pendants are one of the most popular lighting choices. But choosing the right pendant for your room is not always as easy as it looks. Here are a few important tips to get you started.


However, if you’re planning the lighting for an entire house, why not book one Beacon’s Bright Design in-home lighting consultants to help?


Firstly, keep in mind your current style of décor and match the pendant accordingly. Is your style traditional, contemporary, bold or neutral?


Consider the size of the space the pendant will feature in, including the width and height of the area. An undersized pendant will look insignificant, while an oversized fitting will clutter the room and restrict lines of vision.


Remember, the perfect pendant should complement the space, not overshadow it.


Pendants over tables are hugely popular and a lovely, warm addition to the table setting when chosen correctly. They should be hung approximately 1.7m from the floor, which allows people sitting at the table to easily talk to each other without the light becoming intrusive.


Add the flexibility of setting a more ambient feeling in the room with the use of dimmers. If a dimmer isn’t possible, consider separate switches for different lights in the room – for example, one bank of downlights on one switch, the pendant on another switch, and more downlights on another switch.


One of the most striking lighting trends at the moment is clustering. Choose an odd number of pendants – three is a great starting point – and cluster them together at different heights to create drama. Choose either a family of pendants in different shapes, or the same pendant in different colours. See our modern pendants lifestyle gallery for inspiration. This technique not only works well over a table, but can also be used to create a nook in the corner of a room, or cascade down a stairwell to striking effect.


You can also try hanging smaller pendants either side of the bed above your bedside tables - reducing bedside clutter.

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