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Beacon Is Back On The Block For 2023!Beacon Is Back On The Block For 2023!
Win a VIP Tour of The Block on Wednesday 18th October 2023 at 11am AEDT. Enter the competition. Terms & conditions apply.Win a VIP Tour of The Block on Wednesday 18th October 2023 at 11am AEDT. Enter the competition. Terms & conditions apply.

Steph and Gian, childhood sweethearts from Sydney, have won The Block 2023 and an impressive $1.75 million prize! Their house sold for an incredible $5 million during the auction, setting a new record for the show.

Steph and Gian's consistently high-quality work and stylish Japandi design made a strong impression on viewers, and we're delighted, yet not surprised, to see them in first place. We'd also like to give a special shout-out to Eliza and Liberty for their remarkable success. As true renovation rookies, they've managed to capture the hearts of people all around Australia.

Congratulations once again to Steph and Gian, and we look forward to seeing what they'll accomplish next!!

Get ready for a trip back in time as The Block returns for its 19th season, taking us to Charming Street in Melbourne’s Hampton East. The setting couldn't be more perfect, with five retro-inspired homes awaiting transformation by the talented Blockheads. It’s time for the five competing couples to revive these classic gems and bring them into the modern era.

With great excitement, we continue our role as lighting suppliers on The Block. Our team of lighting experts at Beacon Design Studios have the opportunity to consult with the five competing teams, adding a touch of brilliance to the stunning transformations taking place on the show.

Week 12 - Front Garden & Facade

This week on The Block, teams worked hard to create impressive front facades with strategic lighting. Our Made By Mayfair exterior collection featured in so many of the teams’ lighting plans in the form of wall brackets, spoke spots and bollards. And it’s no wonder - check out those gorgeous bronze finishes!

Week 11 - Backyard Pool & Spa

The Block contestants opted for minimalistic outdoor lighting to accentuate the incredible effort they invested in their backyard and pool areas. Kyle and Leslie chose Orsay, the ideal lighting solution for architecturally designed outdoor spaces, while Eliza and Liberty transformed their outdoor space using Lucci festoon string lights, creating a festive ambience.

Week 10 - Upstairs Bathrooms

MFL Artisan Dot wall brackets were all the rage this week in bathrooms, with both Steph and Gian, and Leah and Ash featuring these understated lights beside their vanity mirrors. Kristy and Brett went the other way, choosing the Orion pendant in black for a touch of Art Deco opulence..

Week 9 - Double Kids Bedrooms

Teams got in touch with their whimsical side this week on The Block, creating double bedrooms no kid would mind sharing! Kristy and Brett designed a natural bedroom, using Bowie pendant shades of woven jute fibres to tie into the timber bedframe. Leah and Ash went a different way, choosing Nevada swing arm wall brackets for directional lighting in their Barbie bedroom haven!

Week 8 - Master Ensuite

Master bathroom week on The Block showcased some elegant lighting choices. Kyle and Leslie chose the Valona pendant, featuring a marble sphere encased in glass, for a touch of understated elegance. Alabaster continued to be a favoured choice for this week's designs, as seen in the Luella wall brackets in Kristy and Brett's bathroom, and the round MFL By Masson Artisan shades beautifully accentuating Steph and Gian’s double vanity mirrors.

Week 7 - Kitchen & Laundry

Kitchen and laundry week showcased some beautiful lighting selections. Kristy and Brett selected the dynamic Orion 15 light pendant for over their dining table, while Eliza and Liberty chose bright brass features to pair beautifully with a striking orange rangehood. They chose MFL Lunar surface mounted downlights, and the architecturally striking Pearce pendant as a brass feature over the kitchen island.

Week 6 - Bedroom

Bedrooms on The Block this week were warm, sumptuous, and full of inspiration! Kyle and Leslie opted for MFL strip lighting to accentuate the feature arch over their bed, while Steph and Gian chose our beloved Tamirand pendants for their bedroom suite, showcasing their commitment to the Japandi theme.

Week 5 - Living & Dining

This week on The Block, we saw some gorgeous pendant choices for living and dining rooms! Eliza and Liberty went for a modern Helix circular pendant over their dining table, while Steph and Gian picked a favourite, the Tamirand, elegantly clustering three together for an eye-catching feature.

Week 4 - Downstairs bathrooms

Alabaster was a popular material in downstairs bathrooms, and when you see how light glows through the handcrafted stone fittings, you’ll see why! Steph and Gian chose the Made By Mayfair Osten wall bracket, an artisan-made Spanish alabaster stone that appears to be floating off the wall. In Leah and Ash’s bathroom, they selected two MFL Artisan alabaster round shades from the mix-and-match range to brighten up their vanity mirror.

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Week 3 - Work From Home Space

Teams took on work-from-home spaces, and we were delighted to see our Parson floor lamp feature in Steph and Gian’s tonal home office. Over in Eliza and Liberty’s multi-functional space, we spotted an MFL By Masson Artisan wall light in brass, providing an elegant bedside light to add a touch of metallic glamour. Great work, teams!

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Week 2 - Guest Bedrooms

This week, guest bedrooms got a stunning makeover. Kyle and Leslie crafted enchanting alcoves for our smoke black pendant lights from the Orion range, creating visual interest and depth by using similar but not matching lights. Kristy and Brett selected our modern Scala table lamp in black with brass details. The fashionable cone shade effectively directs light downwards, while the brass accents add a touch of warmth to any interior. On the other hand, Steph and Gian opted for a minimalist touch with the elegant MFL by Masson dimmable wall brackets and alabaster cap shades, providing the ideal bedside lighting for reading.

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Week 1 - Bathrooms

This week on The Block, prepare to be amazed by the teams' incredible bathroom designs! Leah and Ash went for a chic, moody vibe with dark wood panelling and a deep grey colour scheme, perfectly complemented by our Made By Mayfair Luella wall lights in warm brass and alabaster. Meanwhile, Steph and Gian opted for a bright, refreshing look with textured beige and brown tones, enhanced by our MFL Artisan pendants in sleek black, casting a beautiful glow around the vanity mirror.

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Challenge Week

Challenge week on The Block was a blast! Leah and Ash's kids' bedroom was a hit, featuring our stunning Monterey wall brackets. These opal glass and alabaster lights lit up the bunk bed nooks with a warm and cosy glow. The Forrest light batten on the ceiling added an intricate shadow pattern, creating the most beautiful ambience.

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