Beacon Contractors

If you are reading this page, you are one of the many Contractors who provide a range of services which are vital to the operation of our business and the experience of our customers. 

Whether your business is

  • fitting out one of our new stores or
  • undertaking maintenance work such as repairing air conditioning or checking our fire/emergency systems
  • installing solar panels or
  • providing a freight service to move our product into our shops or
  • repairing a light fitting under warranty for one of our customers or
  • providing temporary team members to help out at peak times in our warehouse or
  • installing fittings for our customers as one of our preferred electricians or
  • one of the many other trades and service providers who work with us..

Beacon Contractors


We appreciate the role you play in our business.  We couldn’t do it without you!

Beacon Lighting is committed to providing a safe work environment for everyone… including you!  And as part of this commitment we have implemented a Contractor Management System.  This means that all Contractors (whether individuals or companies) must register with us and provide important information.

In doing so, you will be listed within our Contractor Management System as an officially recognised and approved Contractor and you will receive an ID card to prove it.  This will allow members of our team to:

  • Identify you or your business as an approved Contractor to call when your services are needed
  • Enter into contracts of work with you
  • Recommend you to others within our business and, if you are a preferred electrician, to our customers

You can also proudly talk about your association with Australia’s leading lighting retailer.  And of course, most importantly, we’ll know that you have your own safe work practices and you also understand our safety standards.

Whether you are already a Contractor with Beacon or would like to be, please click below to enter our Contractor Management System. It’s easy! 

Click here to enter the Contractor Management System. 

Apply to register

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