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Halogen Globes

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                          Halogen Light Bulbs & Globes

                          Halogen light bulbs are a great option for lighting your home. With a long life, a high CRI, and a whiter, brighter light than incandescent bulbs, halogen light can provide your home with the perfect ambience in any space. The compact size of halogen light bulbs makes them an excellent choice for low profile ceilings or smaller fixtures.

                          What is a halogen light and how is it different to an incandescent light?

                          A halogen light is similar to an incandescent light except for a few minor differences.  Halogen light bulbs contain a tungsten filament, as do incandescent bulbs, but in a halogen light a small amount of halogen gas mixes with tungsten vapour and then deposits it back onto the filament. This actually extends the lifespan of the halogen light bulb and allows it to be used at a much higher temperature than incandescent light bulbs.

                          Should you wear rubber gloves when handling a halogen bulb?

                          Our skin contains oil that can contaminate the lining of the halogen light bulb. This can cause a weak spot that can cause the bulb to burn out or explode when heated. If you do accidentally touch part of the halogen bulb with your bare skin you can gently clean the area with rubbing alcohol.