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Ceiling Fans

Redefine your idea of stylish living with ceiling fans that make an impressive design statement while simultaneously creating a cool and comfortable ambience.

Today, ceiling fans come in a range of sizes, colours, shapes, materials and designs making them one of the most important elements to consider when planning your interior décor.

If you’re torn between choosing an ambient light fixture or installing a ceiling fan over a central area, you can now have both with our range of ceiling fans with LED lights. And if you want that ambient lighting fixture to be a statement piece, you can choose from our Fanaway range which retracts its blades and transforms into a stunning stand-alone pendant. If this wasn’t convenient enough, you can control your ceiling fan as well as the light with a remote, without leaving the couch.

Modern ceiling fans are perfect examples of form and function working in harmony; no need to sacrifice one for the other. For instance, fans with timber blades still provide a great air flow but their organic look complements a home with nature-inspired or Scandi décor. Or a fan with leaf-shaped blades is perfect for a tropical or coastal-styled home.

Ceiling fans are great energy and money savers. In summer, they circulate the air and make you feel a few degrees cooler at less than 3 cents per hour. When you run your fan along with your air conditioning, it also helps cool the room faster so you can set the temperature higher and save energy plus money on your power bills.

In winter, when you run it in reverse mode it pushes the warm air gathered near the ceiling downwards and warms up the room faster, so you can set the temperature on your heater lower and save energy and running costs.

Fans traditionally used Alternating Current (AC) but the latest models are powered by Direct Current (DC) which costs just about 1 cent per hour to run. This makes DC Ceiling Fans extremely energy efficient and quieter.

When choosing a fan, consider the size of your room. A fan that is too large will make a small room feel smaller and a small fan in a large room won't circulate the air efficiently. Rooms with low ceilings will benefit from our range of low profile ceiling fans that sit flush against the ceiling.

For rooms with high or sloped ceilings on the other hand, we have a variety of fan extension rods that will do the trick. If you have a space larger than 6m x 6m, you’ll need a large ceiling fan like our Airfusion Resort which is 203 cm.

Whether you plan to install an indoor ceiling fan or an outdoor ceiling fan, remember we have Australia’s largest range of fans, so you can be sure to find the perfect one.

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