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Bring every room to life with stunning lighting that makes a design statement and helps you feel your best throughout the day, and night.

Bring every room to life with stunning lighting that makes a design statement and helps you feel your best throughout the day, and night.

Every room in your home has a different purpose. Make the most of your space by creating layers of light that will provide basic illumination as well as enhance the room’s visual aesthetics. You can achieve this by combining ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting is the primary source of illumination in a room and includes pendants and downlights. Task lighting is lighting for a specific purpose like reading or cooking and includes desk lamps and lighting under kitchen cabinets. If you’re looking to light up architectural details or a favourite artwork, accent lighting like strips and spotlights will do the trick.

When choosing lighting, consider LED lights for all your rooms as they’re more energy-efficient and last five to ten times longer than traditional lighting options.

Before you start shopping, draw up a floorplan of your home and think of all the lights you’ll need for practical and decorative purposes in each room.

For the entrance area, make an impression with a gorgeous chandelier and decorate the console table with a pair of lamps. For living room lighting, pendants or even fans with integrated lights are great statement pieces but adding floor and side table lamps are excellent ideas for creating a relaxing mood when watching TV or reading a book.

Dining rooms do well with a single statement pendant over the dining table or a pair for larger tables that set the ambience for mealtimes. For kitchen lighting, downlights, track lights or linear pendants over the kitchen island provide enough illumination for food preparation while strip lights on shelves inside dark cabinets make it easier to look for ingredients.

For bedroom lighting, a central pendant over the bed is a great choice but you definitely need bedroom lamps. They provide a soft glow for bedtime reading and help you wind down. If you don’t have space for bedside lamps, you can choose to install bedroom wall lights or pendants that perform the same function.

As for bathroom lighting, placing lights on either side of the vanity mirror or above illuminates the face evenly. This helps to reduce shadows and glare when shaving or applying makeup. Another great option is to use mirrors with built-in colour-changing LED lights.

Whether you’re building a new home or updating your current lighting, you’ll find something for every room at Beacon Lighting. If you need professional advice, our experts at Beacon Design Studio can help with an in-store or in-home private consultation.