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The smarter switch

Upgrade your ordinary switches to a mesh network of smart switches that allow you to control your lighting and appliances with just a touch, the app or your voice. Create schedules, set timers and monitor your energy use from anywhere, at any time.

Future-proof your home with Powermesh

The future of connected devices uses mesh networks. Powermesh-enabled devices send and receive messages from each other, eliminating the need for a central hub and 2-way wiring. Each device plays a role, with more linked devices providing network reliability and a quicker response. 

Control at
your fingertips

Download Zimi for free on your phone or tablet to take control of all your Powermesh devices. 

Voice control with the Google Assistant 

Use voice commands to control Powermesh devices in your home hands-free. Just say, “Hey Google” to get started.  Requires Zimi Cloud Connect and an internet connection. 


Explore our entire range here. Start with a few for simple home automation or get total convenience with a complete ecosystem. 

Anywhere, anytime with Zimi Cloud Connect

Zimi Cloud Connect lets you control your home from anywhere in the world via the internet. 

We've made it so easy to switch to the smarter life

Lighting control offers the most convenience in your home. Set the mood, light the task, increase security and save electricity. It’s never been this easy. 

Dimmable light switch
Designed to work with normal wiring in any home. 

App control
No longer do you need to reach for the light switch. Enjoy total control with a simple-to-use app. 

Touch Control

Tap on and off with a single touch. 

Tap twice to turn on full brightness. 

Tap thrice for a timed smooth fade to off. 


Dimming compatibility
Suitable for use with halogen, incandescent lamps and most dimmable LED lights. Dimming can also be disabled for simple on/off control. 

Mini dimmer indicator
Displays the brightness level of your lights, convenient when not directly in sight. 

Turn any ordinary light or appliance into a smart product by simply installing a smart switch. Our suite of Powermesh products offer a complete home automation solution that boasts pure simplicity. With the familiarity of traditional devices and the ease of smart device and voice control, you’ll quickly become accustomed to the convenience

Fan Controller

 Meet the elegant multi-speed fan controller and light switch that you can control with just a touch. 

For more information about our range of Powermesh products, speak to any of our team members at your nearest Beacon Lighting store or fill out our quick enquiry form. If you need professional help in setting up your smarter home, we encourage you to reach out to our accredited lighting designers at Beacon Design Studio today. 

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