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How to choose a ceiling fanHow to choose a ceiling fan

How to choose a ceiling fan

At Beacon Lighting, you’ll find Australia’s largest range of ceiling fans. From decorative styles to slimline designs that blend effortlessly into any interior. With fans being as much a design choice as a practical one, it can be difficult to know which is the right fan for you.

Ceiling fans are incredibly efficient at cooling your home and as a result are capable of significantly reducing your power usage. During warmer weather you can use ceiling fans in conjunction with an air-conditioner to reduce your power costs by up to 40%, while in winter you can use the reversible function of your ceiling fans to reduce heating costs by up to 10%.*

Choose your fan size

Choose your fan sizeChoose your fan size

Beacon Lighting offers fans in sizes for every room, from small rooms like bathrooms, studies, and kitchens, to medium-sized rooms like bedrooms and dining rooms, to large rooms or open-concept spaces like master suites and living rooms.


As the size of the fan you require depends on the size of the room, we advise measuring it. The length of the blades must be greater to allow sufficient air movement in a larger room.


Fan size recommendationsFan size recommendations

Types of ceiling fans

Types of ceiling fansTypes of ceiling fans

There are numerous various shapes, sizes, and blade counts for ceiling fans. In Australia, it's essential to keep your home cool and comfortable all year long. Knowing the many types of ceiling fans will help you choose the best one for your lifestyle. Every home needs ceiling fans, and with the proper design, they can also bring a sense of refinement to each area. Finding  the perfect ceiling fan to meet your needs is simple due to the huge variety of ceiling fans available, each with its unique features and advantages.


Standard fansStandard fans


When planning the interior design of your home, one of the most crucial factors to take into account is ceiling fans. You can create a pleasant and cosy atmosphere in your house while making an attractive style statement with the appropriate ceiling fan.

When selecting a ceiling fan, it's crucial to take the size of your room into account. A large fan will make a tiny room feel even smaller, while a small fan in a big room won't efficiently circulate the air. Most standard-sized rooms can accommodate ceiling fans with a diameter of 122 cm to 132 cm.


Low profile fansLow profile fans


Low profile fans that fit your space are necessary if your home has low ceilings. Some of these ceiling fans only protrude 19.5 cm from the ceiling, allowing them to sit flush against the ceiling. This makes the space safer for everyone in your house and makes it appear less cluttered and more open.

There are many different designs of ceiling fans for low ceilings, giving you lots of options to make sure you get the ideal fit for your house. Low-profile ceiling fans are just as fashionable as they are useful, so you won't have to choose between the two.


DC fansDC fans


The most energy-efficient ceiling fans on the market right now are DC, or direct current, fans. The key to their improved airflow and low energy consumption is their motor, which also helps you save money on your electricity bill. Since the motor is small and light, DC ceiling fans have sleek designs that fit better in your interiors and cost just one cent an hour to run. Additionally, they are silent in operation, making them ideal for private spaces in your house like the bedroom. You have a lot of versatility with the speed settings of DC fans, which range from a light breeze to an extremely intense airflow. Without even having to stand up, you may engage the reverse mode or turn on the integrated light.


3, 4 and 5 blade fans3, 4 and 5 blade fans


Ceiling fans come in a range of sizes, colours, shapes, materials and designs, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Four blade ceiling fans are the most common ceiling fans available, making them a popular choice in most homes.

When selecting a ceiling fan with three, four, or five blades it’s important to consider the space available in your home and how energy efficient you would like your cooling system to be. The more blades the fans have, the more energy they consume.


Fans with lightsFans with lights


You can now have both an ambient light fixture and a ceiling fan installed over a key section of your home if you're not sure which to choose. With our selection of ceiling fans with built-in lights, you can give your house a cosy atmosphere with nice breezes and plenty of illumination. Fans with hardwood blades, brushed chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze finishes will expand your stylistic possibilities. You can even choose black fans to create contrast and drama in your space. Ceiling fans with built-in lights provide you the freedom to decorate your room anyway you wish.


Retractable blade fansRetractable blade fans


With cutting-edge fans from our Fanaway collection that can be switched from a stylish pendant to a fan at the touch of a button, you can take your interior fashion to the next level. These fans are an exclusive Beacon Lighting innovation, designed and created in Australia. All Fanaway fans operate according to the same novel principle: when turned off, the fan's typically obtrusive blades automatically retract and conceal, turning the device into a chic pendant. When activated, the blades spread out to move air throughout a space. Additionally, retractable blade ceiling fans are easier to maintain and care for because they collect less dust and feature cleanable blades. Discover our collection, which is created to complement any interior design style, from classic to contemporary, industrial to art deco, and Scandinavian to Hamptons-inspired.


AC fansAC fans


Since they have been around for a while and are affordable, AC, or alternating current, ceiling fans, are a popular option. The convenience you need to conveniently control the temperature of your house is provided by AC ceiling fans, which are also very simple to maintain and can be operated with either a wall control or remote.

If you're looking for an energy-efficient and cost-effective alternative that will function in any room of your home, AC ceiling fans are a perfect choice because they have more reasonable start-up expenses. Similar to DC fans, AC fans have summer and winter modes, and the fan's switch or remote control can be used to change the blades' orientation.


Reverse mode fansReverse mode fans

Cold winter weather may make it appear unnecessary to utilise fans, but the reverse mode feature will help you heat your rooms much more effectively. When operating in reverse, the blades switch to spinning clockwise in the winter, forcing the warm air that has accumulated towards the ceiling downward. When used in conjunction with heating, this speeds up the warming process. This indicates that you can reduce the temperature of your heater to save energy and up to 10% on heating expenses. By simply flicking a switch on the fan unit or by utilising the fan remote, you can quickly switch between summer and winter modes.

3 blade fan3 blade fan

3 blade vs 5 blade ceiling fans - what's the difference?

3 blade vs 5 blade ceiling fans - what's the difference?3 blade vs 5 blade ceiling fans - what's the difference?

You have a wide variety of options when it comes to the sizes, colours, shapes, materials, and designs of ceiling fans. Since they are the most prevalent ceiling fans, four-blade ceiling fans are a popular option in most households.

Consider the area you have in your home and how energy-efficient you want your cooling system when choosing a ceiling fan with three, four, or five blades. Five blade ceiling fans usually have larger motor to rotate the blades, giving them a higher energy consumption than the three blade ceiling fans and four blade ceiling fans. The number of blades of a fan determines how much energy it uses, but the more blades the fan has, the quieter it will also be.

Classic, contemporary or modern fans

Classic, contemporary or modern fansClassic, contemporary or modern fans
Classic ceiling fansClassic ceiling fans


If you are purchasing a ceiling fan, classic ceiling fans make an impressive design statement while also creating a cool and comfortable environment within your home. Our classic ceiling fans offer a variety of different materials and textures to give your home a balanced and structured look.

A white ceiling fan is an excellent choice for a home with a classical design since it blends in more naturally with the ceiling and lets other statement pieces of furniture stand out. Try a black or chrome ceiling fan for a bolder statement that will stick out and make a wonderful focal point in your house.

Tips for Choosing Classic Ceiling Fans

  • White ceiling fans are a timeless, traditional option that will blend in with the ceiling.
  • To lessen noise, use timber blades in calmer spaces like the bedroom or the study.


Contemporary ceiling fansContemporary ceiling fans


For a contemporary style, look for ceiling fans that feature minimalistic elements and sleek, thoughtful designs. Fans that blend into the background and keep your home feeling fresh without getting in the way are an ideal choice. 

Contemporary ceiling fans are streamlined to make them more versatile, with slimmer profiles and a range of colour options to suit your space. Fortunately, a more stylish option doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice on cooling power. Keep your home looking chic and feeling comfortable with a ceiling fan that's high on style and on air flow such as our Aero ceiling fan.

Tips for Choosing Contemporary Ceiling Fans

  • Choose unobstrusive, subtle ceiling fans to create a contemporary look
  • Selecting a fan with the right air output for the size of the room will ensure you get both the style and the airflow you need
Modern ceiling fansModern ceiling fans


If clean lines and organic silhouettes are what you’re looking for, then a modern ceiling fan is the perfect choice for your home. Designed so you don’t have to sacrifice form or function, these types of ceiling fans make an impressive design statement while also creating a cool and comfortable environment.

For an authentically modern vibe, look for ceiling fans in white, black, or natural materials such as teak or koa wood. Let the elegant blades and pared back style of a modern ceiling fan keep your home looking and feeling fresh all year round.

Tips for Choosing Modern Ceiling Fans

  • Choose ceiling fans with clean lines and a monochromatic colour palette
  • Style modern ceiling fans with minimal home décor and open floor plans for the perfect look



What size fan will suit my room?

For rooms up to 4 x 4m, a 122cm fan will be ideal. Small Studies around 2.5 x 3m will suit a 90cm fan better.

What does ABS stand for?

ABS is a hardened plastic that is used in aircrafts and Lego. It is very durable and hard wearing.

Can I turn my light off when I leave a room at the wall switch?

If you have a remote, and you turn the light on via the remote before leaving the room, then when you leave the room you can turn off the light at the switch. When you return, and you turn the light switch on, the light will come back on but not the fan.

Do all DC fans come with a remote?

The majority do, with the exception of our Moto and Esperance fans.

I have two fans in my home and they are both coming on at the same time, how can I fix this?

If you have an AC fan with a remote, you will need to change the DIP switches to a different frequency to the other fan. These switches are located inside the battery compartment of the remote as well as on the receiver unit located inside the ceiling canopy of the fan.

What does DC mean?

DC stands for Direct Current. In a DC fan, there is a "convertor" that converts the AC current going into your home to DC. These fans run more smoothly, normally have at least a 6 speed remote, and are more energy efficient. They also move the air around the room in gentle breezes, not like an AC fan that you normally feel like you are sitting right under.

Can I use a remote and a wall switch at the same time?

Unfortunately, you cannot use a fan wall controller and a remote at the same time.

How do I tell if my fan has an integrated light that can be replaced through spare parts?

If the fan says it has a GX53 globe or takes an ES globe, this is replaceable. There are also some fan lights that are replaceable through spare parts.

What do I do If I need a higher angle than what the ceiling fan allows for?

Cut a wooden wedge the same size as the canopy of the fan. Then cut one side to the angle pitch of the roof with the other side straight and paint it the same colour as your ceiling. You may also need an extension rod to clear the pitch of the ceiling.

How do I reset the pairing of my remote to the fan, especially for the Whitehaven and DC fans?

Turn the power off at the wall of the fan, then turn it on and within around 5 seconds of turning it on, hold the power button down for around 30 seconds.

What type of fan is best to use in the bedroom?

A wooden or plastic bladed fan is best to use in a bedroom, as these are quieter materials. A metal bladed fan is best suited in a lounge or living area where there is white noise.

Do I need an isolation switch on the wall if I have a remote?

Yes, it is a requirement under the Australian and New Zealand regulations that a switch is in close proximity to a motor, the fan being a motor. This can take the look of a light switch on the wall.

Let an expert install your ceiling fan

With our extensive range of ceiling fans you can easily create the perfect space. Once you’ve found your preferred fan for your home, we also offer an installation service to ensure your ceiling fan is installed safely and securely. Head into your local Beacon Lighting store to start shopping today, or visit our website to browse through our range of outdoor ceiling fans.

To find out more about our installation services, click here.
*The calculations of costs and savings are approximates only and may vary according to use and size of fan.