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Strip & Cabinet Lights

Enhance your home's lighting with Beacon Lighting's Masson for Light Strip Lighting options. These versatile solutions seamlessly integrate with your modern lifestyle for ultimate control. Customise your lighting to suit your preferences with these strip lights.

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Strip lights are the most discreet, minimalist type of lighting and yet they make a huge impact. Create an inviting mood in your gathering areas by lining floating cabinets or skirting boards with strip lighting to lift otherwise negative spaces. By adding strip lights under cabinetry in the kitchen, you’ll achieve smooth, even light over your benchtop to make cooking a breeze. Backlight mirrors, bedheads and splashbacks to create a warm, luxe ambience. . Your cherished objects can become focal points by backlighting a bookshelf to make them stand out. Add strip lighting to the edge of your stair treads or under the handrail to light up a safe pathway for your family as they navigate the stairs at night.

Give your home an architectural look with Masson For Light custom LED strip lighting. With a compact design, it fits in any space and creates concealed lighting systems that add style and functionality to your home. Customise your design by simply choosing your profile, LED and driver. There are endless ways to use custom strip lighting from backlighting mirrors and under floating cabinets to walk-in robe joinery, pelmets and ceiling coffers. If you need professional advice, our experts can help you find the right solution for your home or project.