As the final room reveal of season 19 of The Block unfolded, each team poured their hearts into transforming their front facades with strategic lighting. We were delighted to see our Made By Mayfair exterior collection feature in many of the contestants' lighting designs! Let’s take a look at the front yard makeovers of each house and discover how you can replicate these lighting plans at home.

Kyle & Leslie - House 01

Kyle and Leslie's front facade made an unforgettable first impression on the judges. Marty couldn't help but gush about the "beautiful beginning" that welcomed potential buyers. The team also maintained a sense of visual consistency by using round concrete steppers to soften the approach to the house. Dave Franklin was equally captivated by the warmth of the geostone for the driveway, and the car turntable left a lasting impression on the judges.

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Kyle and Leslie incorporated the Orsay wall bracket into their lighting design for that touch of modern simplicity. Orsay is a deceptively powerful yet discreet wall light with a beautiful quality finish.

They also selected the Flare LED tri-colour dimmable downlight in white, offering a cost-effective solution with colour temperature adjustability and easy installation, adding to the welcoming atmosphere of their front yard.

Leah & Ash - House 02

Leah and Ash's front yard and facade left the judges grinning from ear to ear. Marty was immediately impressed by the intricate battens on the facade, and the judges couldn't stop praising the finesse they had put into their design, describing it as "understated luxury."

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Leah and Ash opted for solid aged bronze wall brackets from our Made By Mayfair collection. The Duo wall bracket stands out with its exceptional visual depth, rich materials, and impeccable craftsmanship. From the same collection, they also selected the Seaside path bollards, featuring the aged bronze finish known for its excellent resistance to corrosion. This choice withstands coastal living and adds a touch of luxury and elegance for curb appeal.

Kristy & Brett - House 03

The judges' first word when they saw Kristy and Brett's space was simply, "wow." Their circumstances weren't ideal, but they managed to create a front facade that left everyone in awe. The judges marvelled at the landscaping, and Darren couldn't take his eyes off the facade's design elements.

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Kristy and Brett went for the Sentinel 2 light sensor spotlights. These lights not only have a striking visual appeal but, more importantly, they include a PIR sensing device that constantly monitors the operational area and promptly activates the lights when they detect motion. 

They also picked a matching option from the same collection to achieve a unified exterior look, opting for Sentinel steplights recessed into their decking stairs. Exterior steplights not only enhance safety but also add a touch of aesthetics to outdoor areas by softly and invitingly illuminating pathways and staircases. 

As a feature light, they chose the handcrafted Spanish alabaster Osten wall light as a focal point. Alabaster's natural variations make each piece unique. Please be aware that the Osten is designed for indoor use and is not recommended for outdoor applications.

Steph & Gian - House 04

Walking through the front gate, Marty expressed what everyone was thinking, "This is an absolute showstopper." The judges were overjoyed, admiring the grandeur and charm of Steph and Gian's front facade. They particularly appreciated the use of old-school pebble and travertine paving, which added a high-class finish.

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Steph and Gian also went with Sentinel fixtures. They chose the 2-light wall bracket to match their home's exterior cladding. The Sentinel's versatility impressively harmonises with their Japandi theme on this facade. The team also selected the Made By Mayfair Seaside path bollards to create a gorgeous warm ambience after dusk.

Eliza & Liberty - House 05

Eliza and Liberty took on the challenge of transforming their front yard, facade, garage, side entrance, and staircase area. Despite facing financial struggles and tough feedback on their backyard and pool last week, they managed to create a remarkable transformation that left them satisfied. The silhouette of the finished house looked miles away from where they started the season.

Get Eliza and Liberty's look

For a unique and stylish way to light up your entryway, choose the Multiply pendant from Beacon Lighting. This pendant boasts three LED rings stacked in layers and can be creatively hung at different lengths, creating an intriguing sculptural arrangement just as Eliza and Liberty did with their front yard.

In their garden, Eliza and Liberty incorporated Sentinal spike spots. These spike spots are excellent for accentuating garden features, enhancing safety along paths, creating a cosy ambience for outdoor gatherings. 

They also used the MFL By Masson Tanimi cylinder wall lights in black. The Tanimi radiates light both upwards and downwards, washing the wall in a warm glow. Crafted from real concrete to blend seamlessly with its surroundings, this wall light was designed with a focus on architectural aesthetics.

The Block 2023 showcased a range of stunning front facades and outdoor spaces, each with its own unique charm and style. Explore our range to get the look for your own exterior.