The success of a room design depends on many factors, and feature lighting in the right size, shape and colour is definitely one of them. When it comes to bedrooms, there’s generally less furniture compared to other rooms in a home, so feature lighting can play a pivotal role and become the key focal point in the space. 


And I’ll let you in on a little interior design secret… Adding good feature lighting to a space puts you on the fast track to achieving that curated, interior-designed look in your home. Especially when it comes to wall lights, pendant lights and lamps which enhance rooms visually by day and night, add style and mood, and balance other colours and finishes. Ready to plan the perfect lighting for your bedroom? Here’s what you need to consider...

Ania Forster | Creative Director of Zephyr + Stone

Choosing The Right Lighting Solution

First things first, always start your lighting plan by considering the functionality, needs and activities of a space. As designers, we create layered lighting schemes for any room, which includes a range of lighting solutions to provide specialised lighting for specific tasks. In a bedroom, this could include ambient, soft lighting for rest time, bedside lighting for reading or working in bed, plus overhead downlights that light up the whole space – for those times you realise there are no sheets on the bed… just as you’re about to hop in!

When it comes to bedroom bedside lighting, wall lights, pendant lights or table lamps work best and can be combined with floor lamps and other lighting solutions around the room to add functionality and aesthetics. Each bedside lighting choice has unique advantages.

Wall Lights

Installed on walls, wall lights keep bedside tables clutter-free and are especially ideal for smaller bedrooms as they take up little room. A smaller bedside table is a viable option when paired with wall lights.

Bedside Pendant Lights

Create impact and a big feature when installed suspended over bedside tables. Like wall lights, pendant lights keep bedside tables less crowded.

Table Lamp

With no installation required, a bedside lamp is the instant bedside solution, and is easy to upgrade or change down the track.

Z+S Tip ⠂Focusing on practicality and defining individual zones is key to choosing the best lighting for any given space. When choosing bedroom lighting solutions, consider all zones in the space that might benefit from good lighting, like a seating nook, reading chair or dressing table.

Choose A Lighting Style To Complement Your Home Style

Once you’ve settled on which lighting solutions you’ll need, it’s time to consider your lighting style, size, and finish. If you’re looking to create that interior-designed look for your home, your lighting style should complement the overall style of your home and any existing or new colour scheme + finishes. 

Considerations like the size, shape, colour, pattern and material finish are all important elements when choosing your new lights. When looking at any potential light, consider:

  • Size - Lights should be proportionate to the room size and other furniture.
  • Shape - Does your home feature specific shapes, like curves, for example? Including a curved or rounded feature light will build a connection between curved features and create cohesion in your design.
  • Material - Materials can add texture and pattern and should complement your bedroom style. Consider natural fibres like rattan for creating a relaxed feel, stone to add sophistication and refinement, ceramic lights to add understated structure, and glass lights for a more traditional look.
  • Colour - Pair with other colours or metallic finishes in your home. Consider features like existing lighting, window frames, door and cabinetry handles, tapware, furniture and accessories, and choose a light colour and finish that complements these fixtures.

Z+S Tip ⠂When looking at lighting options, think about whether you want your new lights to contrast and pop, or blend seamlessly with other colours and finishes. Answering this question to help you decide which light will work best for your space.

Plan Lighting With Convenience In Mind

Where and how you install your bedroom lighting can really optimise functionality and convenience. To achieve the ultimate convenience at your bedside, opt for a Two-Way Switch for any lights that require installation. Do this by planning:

1. a power switch for each wall or pendant light at each bedside

2. a second switch at the bedroom entry that controls both bedside lights so they can be switched on or off simultaneously when entering or leaving the room. #soconvenient

Creating Ambience with Bedroom Lights

Finally, when selecting lights for your bedroom, creating ambience should be front of mind. To achieve this, choose warm, soft lighting that encourages rest and relaxation and helps you wind down at night. Feature lights with 3000K colour temperature are best suited for bedrooms, to create warmth and a calming ambience in the space. 

Then, consider adding dimmers to any overhead lighting to provide further flexibility, diffuse down lights, and control and set the mood in your space.

Ania Forster runs Zephyr and Stone – a Home Design Hub with a library of digital courses and cheat sheets to DIY design and renovate your home, and an Interior Design Studio renowned for designing timeless home interior