Creating a beautiful interior space is all about paying attention to the little things, and lighting is a big part of that. Whether you're designing a contemporary or cosy home, you want to make sure the lighting is just right to highlight the best features of your space. Lamps are great for adding warmth, character, and depth.

"Lighting is an easy and effortless way to elevate your home," says interior designer Kerri-Anne Jones as she demonstrates some key tips for styling lamps in different areas of the house. To help you get the most out of your lighting design, here are 5 easy ways to style a room with lamps.

Choose The Right Shade

The lampshade you pick can completely change the tone of your room. It's true! If you're going for a modern look, a drum shade with clean lines is a great choice. It's simple but elegant and gives your space a sophisticated feel. For a more traditional vibe, a tapered or pleated shade adds a touch of class and luxury. With the right lampshade, you can create a beautiful atmosphere that perfectly fits your style.

Embrace Portable Lamps

Add a little extra warmth and beauty to tricky spaces. Portable lamps are on trend, and for good reason. They can completely transform empty corners, particularly those with limited overhead lighting or a lack of power points, into cosy and beautiful spaces. Plus, they're especially handy in places like bathrooms where you don't always have access to a socket.

Select The Right Globe

The brightness and colour temperature of the globe you select for your lamp will play an integral part in how well it suits the room and the mood it sets when illuminated. Cooler, blue hues are ideal for task lighting - perhaps next to an armchair where you read.

Low, warm lighting best supports your circadian rhythm for a good night's sleep, so style lamps in spaces where you spend most of your time in the evening with warm-hued globes.

Use Lamps To Create Focal Points

You can use lamps to draw the eye to key design elements in your room. Choose an understated shade for a balanced, relaxed environment that lets your artwork, furniture, or architecture shine. But you can also turn the lamp itself into the focal point by choosing a textured base or unique silhouette to feature on a plinth.

A floor lamp is an excellent way to add height and visual interest to a room. Its striking and elegant silhouette draws the eye upwards, creating an illusion of height.

Choose The Lamp To Suit The Purpose

A desk lamp is a must in a home office. As Jones points out, "Not only is it functional, but it adds a decorative element to my desk". But for optimal productivity in your workspace, you need to consider a few key elements:

- Your lighting needs. This will depend greatly on your occupation. Do you need bright, focused light for reading or detailed work? Or do you prefer a softer ambient light for general illumination?
- Your existing style. So that you can select a desk lamp to fit the overall aesthetic of your workspace, consider the lamp's colour, shape, and material and ensure it complements your space.
- Size and adjustability - the size of the lamp should be proportional to your desk and workspace. Also, consider whether you need an adjustable lamp that you can easily reposition to provide optimal lighting.

When considering bedside lighting, you need a lamp that not only provides practical lighting for reading or winding down, but one that can also add interest and warmth to your bedside table. Opt for taller lamps on bedside tables to avoid staring into the glare of the globe from above when sitting up in bed.

Styling your space with lamps can be a great way to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your home or workspace. Whether you want to add a touch of elegance to your home office or create a cosy reading nook in your bedroom, selecting the right lamp makes all the difference.