Pendants are one of the most popular lighting choices available today for good reason. The style and aesthetic of a pendant light illuminates a room with character, flair and creates a sculptural focal point. Our lighting experts tell you what you need to consider when choosing a pendant for your space.

Pendants in the dining room

Installing pendants over a dining room table creates an amazing centrepiece. If you have a round dining table, a single statement pendant or a cluster of pendants works beautifully. If your table is rectangular, look for a linear suspension, large rounded fixture, two hanging fixtures on either end or a row of smaller pendant lights to achieve a balanced, harmonious design.

Pendants in the kitchen

Pendants make great task lighting and are a design staple over kitchen island benches. Consider the ‘rule of three’ when spacing pendants over a kitchen island, as odd numbers will appear the most visually balanced. If your kitchen island isn’t large enough to accommodate three, two larger scale pendants will be ideal.

Pendants in the bedroom

A great alternative to traditional bedside lamps, bedroom pendants hanging either side of the bed free up space and keep your bedside tables clutter free. Ideally, bedside pendants should be hung at the same height that a bedside lamp would sit, allowing adequate space to put other things on the bedside table.

Pendants in the bathroom

Adding a pendant to the sides of a mirror helps create a spa-like feel. There are minimum required heights and IP ratings for wet areas so check these with an electrician to ensure they meet the regulations.

Pendants in the entry or hallway

A pendant light in a hallway acts as a dramatic but warm and welcoming opening scene and sets the design tone for your home. It’s important to hang the pendant high enough so that it doesn’t block the view to the rest of the interior.

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