When it comes to interior styling, it’s often the little things you do that end up making all the difference to the final look and feel of your room. While a lot of focus is put on bigger items such as statement pendants, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of the table lamp to make a statement, set the mood and bring symmetry, colour, contrast and texture to a space.

There is an art to choosing the perfect table lamp, so before you go shopping, take note of these tips our interiors team have put together.

Decide what the table lamp will be used for

This is an important consideration as it will determine what style of table lamp you need. For example, if you want a lamp that is suitable for reading, be it in bed or a cosy corner, you need one that gives you enough light.

If you're looking at a table lamp for a home office or study space, designs with adjustable heads are a great idea. 

For rooms that already have different light sources such as your living or dining room, introducing one or two new table lamps into the mix is a great way to instantly update your interior and give you more flexibility with the ambience. Think big with tall statement lamps, or choose a lamp with a textural base to add dimension to your space.

Get the right size table lamp for your space

Size plays a major factor in choosing table lamps and is often the most common mistake people make. A big lamp may be beautiful but if it leaves you no room to put your glasses, books and a cup of coffee on the table, it may not work for you.

To avoid the lamp shining in your eyes, the general norm is to pick a lamp where the bottom of the shade is at your eye level when you are seated or resting. This works whether you are shopping for a table lamp that fits your reading nook, a bedside lamp, or even one that goes next to the couch in the living room.

Be sure to choose the right shade for your table lamp

If you want your new lamp to provide a lot of ambient light in a room, look for designs in white or light-coloured fabric. These shades are the most versatile as they give you diffused light coming through the sides, bright light going up and bouncing off the ceiling for ambience and light coming from the bottom for reading. As far as decorating trends go, darker interiors are big news, so if you’re looking for a lamp that adds drama, table lamps with black shades or darker timbers are ideal.

Use your table lamp as a design feature

The beauty of table lamps is that just one defining piece can make a huge impact. Adding a more contemporary design to a traditional space has the effect of creating a new and exciting visual focal point in your room.

Beacon Lighting Bedside LampsBeacon Lighting Bedside Lamps

Add a smart globe to your table lamp for ultimate lighting flexibility

Just one smart globe will transform any existing lamp you have in your home into a totally different light! All you have to do is connect the globe to your Wi-Fi via the app, and you can program your lamp to turn on and off, dim the light, change the temperature of the globe – even control the mood with 16 million colour options!

Lamps are definitely the easiest, most affordable way to transform your space and we have Australia’s biggest range to suit any home and any budget. Find your perfect lamp in-store or online.