Walking into a dark and gloomy room anytime of the year can make even the best of us feel a little dull, but with the cooler months to come, the winter blues can set in pretty quick.

Think layers

Having just one light source such as overhead lighting in any room creates a harsh, sterile feel and makes a room feel dull and uninviting. A simple lighting combo of a beautiful pendant with a lamp or wall light is a sure way to brighten up your room on a grey day.

Get strategic about placement

In addition to your main ceiling light, add some extra lamps in strategic spots around the room to make it feel brighter where it counts. Think floor lamps either side of the sofa, table lamps on side tables, bookshelves, hall stands and mantelpieces.

Got a dull corner? Add a slim, tall floor lamp for instant brightness. LED lighting strips are also a brilliant way to add illumination and ambience. Amazingly versatile, install them under cabinets, around bedheads and behind your TV to create the illusion of depth and dimension.

Recreate natural light

Short of taking a sledgehammer to the walls or ceiling, it can be tricky to bring daylight to a room with little or no natural light. Our solution? Fake the feeling of natural light with daylight globes.

These are designed to provide a similar level of brightness to natural daylight and vary according to two characteristics – colour temperature and Colour Rendering Index. The level of intensity you choose to go for is entirely up to you, but a colour temp of around 6500K and a CRI of just over 80% should provide a natural level of daylight into the average dull room.

Beacon Lighting | How to make a dark room brighter Beacon Lighting | How to make a dark room brighter

Bathe your bathroom in light

The smallest room in the house is also one of the most important when it comes to choosing lighting, as this little room is the setting for a multitude of tasks such as applying makeup, shaving, getting dressed and pampering yourself in the bath after a long, hard day.

This where having layers of lights is an absolute must as not only will a combination of fixtures such as wall lights around the vanity, mirror lighting, overhead sconces and heat lamps bring you the most illumination, they are far more flattering and practical than a single overhead light source.

Bounce the light with uplighters

Why restrict your decorating style to everything beneath your eye level when you can make the most of your white ceiling? Wall lights and lamps like our Louie floor lamp with an up light bounce light towards the ceiling and reflect it straight back into the room. This creates a feeling of airiness, and the up-lighting effect is a beautiful complement to a darker statement wall.

Choose clear or reflective shades

The clearer and simpler your shades, the more light will escape to brighten your room. Think clear glass, chrome, white or crystal or go one better, and choose pendants or lamps with exposed bulbs.

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