Our lighting design experts have put together their top tips for matching pendants and lamps.

Tip 1: Define your overall style, then mix it up

We’re all drawn to a certain style in our décor, and whether it’s minimalist, contemporary, earthy or architectural, your lighting choices are a great way to reflect your personal taste. The key is to get the balance right between complementary and clashing! In open plan spaces, where the living, dining and kitchen areas are connected, it’s important to create a sense of consistency across all rooms. This doesn’t mean all finishes or styles have to match, it just means the overall feel of all the rooms should flow well together. You can pair modern pieces with classic Hamptons styles, boho with naturals and so on.

Tip 2: Create a focal point

Like a beautiful piece of art, a statement pendant such as our Makani draws the eye and defines the mood of the space. Pair this earthy style with our Bronte lamps to create a cohesive, relaxed vibe consistent with the earthy naturals trend.

Tip 3: Take it off centre

There are no hard and fast rules about pendants sitting in the middle of the room. Creating a cluster of pendants such as our Constance range adds an immediate visual impact to the corner of any room. The bright, airy design of the Constance is the perfect match for our Belle table lamps. Both styles have distinctive features such as the frosted ribbed glass on Constance, and ceramic sculptural base on the Belle which create a fresh, Scandi-inspired interior.

Tip 4: Play with proportions

Placing oversized statement pendants in small spaces doesn’t have to overcrowd the space; in fact, if you choose a clean pendant design like the Bolton, it can actually make the space feel bigger. Teamed with the linear shape of our Emmerson lamp, this pairing is perfect for those who want modern simplicity in their home.

Tip 5: Keep it simple and stunning

While architectural minimalism plays to the latest trend for decluttering, it’s still important to layer your lighting in order to create visual depth and avoid a sterile, cold feel. Track lighting such as our York spots is the perfect solution for those who like to keep it simple. Pair with our sleek lamps to create striking silhouettes and visual pools of light without cluttering the space.

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