It’s a fact: Aussies love the outdoors. Backyard barbecues, pool parties and alfresco dining features high on the list of outdoor entertaining activities. This means that your garden, courtyard, deck and verandah deserve a lot of reno attention to keep it in tip-top shape.

Lucky for you, we’ve got a long list of inspiring ideas to transform your outdoor area into an oasis of entertainment and relaxation.

Garden Pathway Lighting Ideas 

Use bollards to highlight driveways or the pathways in your garden which not only helps increase aesthetic value but also provides a level of safety while walking.

Our Top Lighting Tips With Bollards

  1. Avoid placing your bollards in a straight line; try a zig-zag pattern for a more distinctive look.
  2. Work out just the right amount of space between your bollards. If they’re too close together, they might appear cluttered and too bright; if they’re too far apart they might not provide the guiding light effect you desire.

If you’re looking to get more out of your lighting design, consider installing smart garden lights. With our Lucci Connect Gecko smart bollards, you can use your phone or voice (needs a smart home hub) to set timers and schedules and change the colours of your lights from anywhere. This way, you have the flexibility to customise your ambience along with total convenient control. The Lucci Connect Gecko range also includes spike spots, in-ground lights, deck lights, ribbon lights and step lights.

Lucci Connect Gecko LED RGB Bollard in BlackLucci Connect Gecko LED RGB Bollard in Black

Deck & Step Lighting Ideas

Use deck lights and in-ground lights to create a stylish entertaining area where you can relax with family and friends. Choose from black or stainless-steel finishes to match your deck area. In-ground lights are also great for uplighting feature walls, trees, shrubs and pathways. 

If you have steps in your garden, you know how dangerous they can be at night. Step lights illuminate each step so that you can see any obstacles in the way and prevent trips and falls. Besides functionality, they create a spectacular, eye-catching look in your garden.

Our Top Lighting Tips With Step Lights 

  1. Consider the shape of your stairway, whether straight, curved or spiral, and place your step lights in such a way that they elevate these shapes.
  2. Play around with placement: use step lights on every step, on alternate steps or in a diagonal pattern to create interest. Boost the look further with the addition of strip lighting under the rim of each step.

Garden Lighting With Spots 

Low-lying, discreet fittings like spike spots are perfect for highlighting unique trees, shrubs, statues and other features in your garden and for creating an inviting atmosphere. They offer the flexibility of interchangeable globes: narrow beams for tall trees, wide beams for a feature wall. The choice is yours!

Our Top Lighting Tips With Spots

  1. To create a focal point, focus the beam in a single direction. To create a soft lighting effect and add depth and dimension, cross two spots in different directions.
  2. To create a shadowy effect, place an object directly in front of the subject, then direct the light through it. Move the light closer to the object for larger shadows, or further away for smaller shadows.
  3. To create a silhouette effect, place a hidden light behind an object and direct it at the wall or façade. The object will be silhouetted against the wall and illuminated at the same time.

Outdoor Solar Lighting Ideas 

Let the sun continue to shine around your home even at night with solar powered lights. Equipped with rechargeable batteries that power up under sunlight all day, they let you enjoy up to eight hours of light after the sun goes down. The lights automatically turn on when it gets dark at dusk and turn off when it gets bright at dawn, thus saving the battery life. Moreover, if there’s a power outage in your area, you never have to worry as your lights will still shine without electricity!

Choose between bollards, wall brackets and sconces to suit the style of your outdoor area. Plus, installation is so easy – no wires, just pop the light where you want it and let the sun do the rest!

Decorate Outdoors With Lanterns

Lanterns are great garden accessories that everyone must have. They bring a nice rustic touch to your outdoor space and can be placed just about anywhere: your alfresco table, on a tree branch or poolside table. Battery-operated lanterns are perfect for the outdoors as they’re portable and safe.

LEDLux Easton LED Lantern in BlackLEDLux Easton LED Lantern in Black
LEDlux Luce Lantern LightLEDlux Luce Lantern Light

Featured Lighting: LEDlux Luce Lantern Light

Java Medium LED Lantern Table LampJava Medium LED Lantern Table Lamp

Exterior Wall Lighting Ideas 

Exterior wall lights are perfect for giving your home curb appeal and creating a warm, welcoming look. You can place them in pairs or on their own outside your front door and all around the exterior of your house. Match your wall lights with the style of your house to set the tone of what your guests can expect inside. Wall lights with up/down illumination are great for creating visual interest.

Exterior Security & Sensor Lighting 

Take your exterior wall lighting one step further with motion sensors. The built-in motion sensors turn your lights on when they detect movement, thereby helping to deter burglars as well as lighting your way when you return home late at night. Because they turn on only when they detect movement, they use less energy and reduce your power bills.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to go out and create your dream garden. If you’re after more inspiration follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And if you need a hand with your garden lighting plan, our experts at Beacon Design Studio can help.