Today’s range of ceiling fans have come a long way since their humble beginnings, and nowadays they’re considered an important design feature as well as being an incredibly functional and cost efficient way to keep your home cool. It can be difficult to find the right fit, so we’ve put together a definitive guide to help you choose the perfect ceiling fan.

Choose your colour

The current go-to colour palette is anything dark, so think black, charcoal, dark wood and bronze. Matte black provides a striking fit for industrial style, contemporary and mid-century modern interiors. Darker ceiling fans are also a great contrast to a more neutral palette and can easily be matched with any other colours in a room.

Warm timbers are always in style, as they provide a natural, earthy quality.

Or, if you’re looking to create a more coastal vibe, you can’t go wrong with crisp white or blonde wood. Mixed with warm natural tones and textures, this look is the perfect combination for Hamptons-inspired homes.

Match the blade type to the room

While metal blade fans produce a fraction more noise than timber blade fans, they also generate more airflow. This makes them the perfect choice for larger areas such as living and dining spaces. Timber blade fans are ideal for bedrooms or studies, and plastic or ABS blades are perfect to withstand harsher climates or coastal area conditions.

Choose your fan size

It’s important to measure your room and ceiling height before you purchase any ceiling fan. Use this chart as your guide.

Ceiling fan blades should hang at least 300mm from the ceiling, with at least 2.1 metre clearance to the floor. If your ceiling is higher than 3 metres from the floor, you’ll need an extension rod which is optional with all Beacon Lighting ceiling fans. For lower ceilings, choose a close-to-ceiling fan.

Fan Size Recommendations
Room size ft² (meter²) Fan size (inches) Fan size (cm)
Up to 75 ft² (up to 7m²) 48" 122cm
76 - 144 ft² (7m2 to 13 m²) 48" - 52" 122cm - 132cm
144 - 225 ft² (13m2 to 20m²) 56" 142cm
225 - 400 ft² (20m2 to 36m²) 56" - 80" 142cm - 203cm

Choose an AC or DC motor

While all ceiling fans can save you money on your power bills, DC (direct current) fans deliver the ultimate in power and performance, consuming 75% less electricity than a standard AC ceiling fan and can run as little as 1c per hour!

If you’re renting or looking for a quick cooling solution, choose a portable fan! From adjustable pedestal fans to table and floor fans, our new portable fan range boasts high performance cooling, whisper quiet operation and retro cool style, and are a great way to enjoy instant room-to-room cooling.

Always use a professional to install your ceiling fan

We recommend you use a licenced electrician to ensure your ceiling fan is installed correctly and keep your warranty intact. And for even more peace of mind, take advantage of our fixed price professional installation service of just $195*!

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