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    4 Mistakes to avoid when switching to LEDs

    ... appropriate amount of brightness. Mistake #3: Choosing the wrong bulb colour The colour or temperature of the bulb you choose will affect the mood of a room. Dimmable LED globes come in warm and cool (& daylight) colour ...

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    Downlights: A Handy Lighting Guide For Every Home

    ... to the light produced from a traditional incandescent light bulb or halogen and has more of a yellowish orange ... : MFL By Masson Accent Minitrim Wall Washer LED Dimmable Black Downlight in Warm White Colour Rendering Index ...

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    How To Get The Block Look In Your Outdoor Areas, Study, Wine Cellar & Garage

    ... where you'll be serving cocktails and snacks. Garage Ronnie & Georgia's Garage Their lighting choice: Yuma LED Long Dimmable Flush Mount White How to get the look: Today's garages house more than the family car, and ...

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    Smart lighting brings a heritage home into the 21st century

    ... with the original blueprint of the house. Using a Google Home Mini with LIFX dimmable strip lighting in the kitchen and our LIFX dimmable downlights in almost every room, she catapulted the home into the future. Kitchen ...

  5. blog image

    How To Get The Block Look In Your Kitchen, Living Spaces & Hallway

    ... Lamp , LEDLUX 5m Ribbon Kit Warm White Tanya & Vito's Home Theatre Their lighting choice: LIFX Z Starter 2m Dimmable Strip Light Kit in RGB + White How to get the look: Your home theatre is all about creating a dedicated ...

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    Quick and Easy Home Renos

    ... lights to either side of the vanity space and LED strip lights underneath. For bathrooms that feature a stunning ... the bedroom it's always a great idea to use dimmable lights , as these allow you to easily adjust the ...

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    Our favourite Selling Houses looks so far

    ... lighting integration catapulted this heritage home into the future. Shaynna used Google Home Mini , LIFX dimmable downlights and smart globes with statement chandeliers such as our Abella , Moselle and Koralky in the ...

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    From 70's shocker to suburban sensation

    ... the 70's style wood panelled wall in the sunken lounge with our Peggy floor lamp and Ledlux Dalis dimmable track spots . New lighting such as our LEDlux Textile flush mount and Millas table lamp transformed the master ...


    ... , providing good contrast and interesting shadow effects. 5. Select dimmable downlights And remember, wherever possible, choose downlights that are dimmable as this makes for greater lighting flexibility. With a huge ...

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    Your Ceiling Fan Guide For 2021

    ... and includes a 6-speed remote and built-in LED light. Latest trends in colour and material The latest ... to help you save on your power bills and dimmable to give you greater flexibility in customising your room ambience ...

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    13+ Bathroom Lighting Ideas For 2021

    ... light to suit a variety of grooming tasks and the time of day. Featured lighting: LEDlux Kings LED 600mm Dimmable Colour Switching Wall Bracket in Black One of the latest trends in vanity lighting is an integrated mirror ...

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    5 Lighting Ideas To Transform Your Kitchen

    ... . Featured Lighting: Uno 270mm 1 Light Flush Mount In Opal Glass Featured Lighting: MFL By Masson Moku LED Dimmable Colour Change Prismatic Round Flush Mount in Black Featured Lighting: Stahl 300mm 1 Light Flush Mount in ...

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    10+ Bathroom Lighting Ideas

    ... above or beside the sink. For added flexibility, dimmable wall lights allow you to control exactly how bright ... the right height for your room. 11. LED Bathroom Lights LED lights are a great investment for your bathroom ...

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    How to Light Your Space Like a Design Pro

    ... forget the bedroom where mood lighting is all-important. Dimmable pendants either side of the bed will create a ... mood lighting, with the warm and inviting glow of LED strips under or around cabinets a very popular option. ...

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    How to Perfect Your Vanity Lighting

    ... or higher if possible. Our Reflextion mirror with integrated LED lighting is a dream for those who apply makeup in ... yourself, and using accent lighting such as dimmable spot lights or adjustable downlights can help create ...

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    How To Style Small Spaces

    ... up this corner perfectly using minimal space. Choose a dimmable wall light or fit your wall sconce with a smart ... which would have made the space feel cluttered. LED Strip Lighting An absolute lifesaver for small spaces ...

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    Lighting Tips Your Living Room Will Love

    ... whole room and usually starts with your choice of ceiling lights. As your main source of light, choose dimmable options wherever possible so that you can easily change the mood from bright and light for social gatherings ...

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    The Best Bedroom & Bathroom Ideas From The Block 2020

    ... , maximise the coastal look! Follow Luke and Jasmin 's lead with our handcrafted Dunne pendant in a soft, antique brass frame ... space. Besides good looks, the Blakely is dimmable and has an adjustable head. Remember, lamps ...

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    How To Light Up Your Façade And Backyard

    ... the natural light during the day, while our Vegas dimmable spotlights will turn on their magic at night. Sarah ... a Mozzie Zapper or two which also doubles as a LED light. Add more soft glows with battery-operated portable ...

  20. blog image

    How Lighting Affects Your Health

    ... the end of the day. Globe featured: Karbon 25W ES Clear Pilot Globe Globe featured: GE 4.8W Dimmable Opal LED Candle ES Globe in Warm White How Lighting Affects Your Mood And Productivity Observe how happy and energetic ...

  21. blog image

    The Block 2021 Winners And Our Favourite Rooms

    ... architectural light piece. Week 10 - Kirsty & Jesse's Backyard Their lighting choice: City II LED 10W 800LM Dimmable Downlight , Norwest Wall Sconce Solid Brass Their cooling choice: Tahitian 132cm Fan White, The verdict ...

  22. blog image

    Creating a Healthier and Happier Home Through Lighting

    ... years, we have been increasingly exposed to LED lighting - on our smartphones, our television screens ... lighting throughout the day with our range of Live Well dimmable lights that can be adjusted to suit the time of day ...

  23. blog image

    15 Clever Ways to Use LED Strip Lighting in Your Home

    ... your home will be happy to have, and that's LED strip lighting. Modest in appearance and gentle in light ... heaven (or at least to your rooms upstairs) by adding LED strips under the steps or below the railing. It's ...

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    The Best Light Globes to Save Energy

    ... light globes. They produce greater energy returns over time, making them the perfect long-term investment for your home. LED bulbs don't contain any mercury, toxins, or harmful glass and can last up to 50,000 hours. The ...

  25. blog image

    21+ Stylish And Practical Outdoor Lighting Ideas

    ... Spike in Black Featured Lighting: LEDlux Malvern 800mm LED Bollard in Black Featured Lighting: Harbour 12V Large ... Kit in Stainless Steel Featured Lighting: LEDlux Marine IP65 LED 12V In Ground Up Light in Black If you have ...

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    Lighting Ideas To Create Your Dream Bedroom

    ... Frosted White Glass Featured Lighting: Firma 2 Light Table Lamp in Alabaster with White Linen Shade Featured Lighting: Smith LED Table Lamp with USB Port in Black Our Top Tips To Light It Right With Bedside Lamps If you ...

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    Exterior Lighting 101: How to transform your outdoor space

    ... shadows, while string lights, colour changing deck lights and LED strips bring a fun, festive vibe. 2. Include ... shadows, while string lights, colour changing deck lights and LED strips bring a fun, festive vibe. 2. Include ...

  28. blog image

    4 decorating must-do's to refresh your living room

    ... neutral palette. Create an interesting vignette on a side table or coffee table with a mix of vases, votives and LED candles . 3. Embrace a neutral palette While black is big news, neutral tones that create a feeling of ...

  29. blog image

    How To Create The Block Kitchens In Your Own Home

    ... visual interest and a focal point. These different types of lighting are layered within the space. LED downlights or oyster flush mount fittings provide general lighting, giving a good distribution of light for overall ...

  30. blog image

    The Block 2020 Winners And Our Favourite Rooms

    ... should be styled. The gorgeous monolithic stone island bench was beautifully framed by the Masson For Light Roman LED pendant, custom made for the team by our Beacon Design Studio . A subtle, architectural touch! Week 7 ...

  31. blog image

    Air Purifier Benefits For Your Home

    ... , mildew and even structural rot . Minimise the use of candles, incense or wood fires indoors . Opt for LED candles and electric heaters that don't produce pollutants. If you have any questions about our air purifiers or ...

  32. blog image

    How To Get The Block Look In Your Bedroom & Bathroom

    ... & Jesse's Kids' Bedroom Their lighting choice: Firma Table Lamp Tanya & Vito's Kids' Bedroom Their lighting choice: LED Disk Teak Wall Light How to get the look: Kids' rooms are where you can have the most fun with your ...

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    Refresh Your Home with Sanso

    ... harmful pollutants from your home. Live Well with healthier lighting Our innovative Live Well Day Night Sleep LED light is engineered to help you get the most out of your day, increase concentration and improve your ...

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    7 of the best bathroom lighting hacks

    ... which tend to cast light downwards. 7. Give yourself total lighting flexibility with dimmers . As Australia's leading lighting specialists, shop at Beacon in-store or online for everything you need to create a blissful ...

  35. blog image

    The Importance Of Globe Colour Temperature

    ... replicated by simply selecting the right energy-efficient LED globe. How to Measure Colour Temperature Colour temperature ... relaxing glow and flattering tones, warm white bulbs are useful in: Bedrooms Bathrooms Dining rooms ...

  36. blog image

    How to make a dark room brighter

    ... a slim, tall floor lamp for instant brightness. LED lighting strips are also a brilliant way to add ... go one better, and choose pendants or lamps with exposed bulbs . Ready to live brighter? Shop our inspirational range of ...

  37. blog image

    How to design an energy efficient lighting plan

    ... your replacement costs. By replacing just 10 halogen light bulbs with LEDs , an average household can expect to ... energy and reduces her running costs with smart LED globes. Install motion sensors Motion sensors can turn ...

  38. blog image

    Finding the Perfect Lamp for Your Home

    ... for your lamp, as you should never use a higher wattage bulb than what is stipulated on the product. If you want to ... technology, and even integrated Bluetooth speakers. An LED lamp is ideal to use for task lighting as ...

  39. blog image

    How to automate your lighting

    ... 's a few of our smart lighting FAQs. What do I need to get started? If you want to start slow, just one bulb like our LIFX, Lucci Connect or Phillips Hue globe will give you a taste of what your smart home could look and ...