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Incandescent Globes

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    The Importance Of Globe Colour Temperature

    ... Diodes) give you a wider range of colour temperatures. While people prefer the warmer colour of an incandescent globe, this type of light can be easily replicated by simply selecting the right energy-efficient LED ...

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    Downlights: A Handy Lighting Guide For Every Home

    ... that use both dedicated LEDs and replaceable LED globes are all this and more; they reduce energy ... temperature is similar to the light produced from a traditional incandescent light bulb or halogen and has more of a ...

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    4 Mistakes to avoid when switching to LEDs

    ... LEDs. ; We all know that switching your old globes to energy efficient dimmable LED lights will save you big ... LED light bulb on a circuit with a standard incandescent dimmer, you may have noticed that flickering, buzzing ...

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    Three Birds Renovations go big with a bold extension

    ... , as they drew the eye to the panelled feature wall and created a warm, inviting glow with their exposed globes. Master Ensuite The beauty of having your own ensuite is that you can style it with your own personal touch ...

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    Three Birds Renovations' Smart Lighting Guide

    ... It can instantly change the mood of any room by switching your lighting from cool to warm without changing the globes It can be fully automated to give you complete control over your lighting in any room from the comfort ...

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    How to design an energy efficient lighting plan

    ... ! Watch Nicole from Liberty Interiors explains how she saves energy and reduces her running costs with smart LED globes. Install motion sensors Motion sensors can turn off lighting when a room is unoccupied or when there ...

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    How to Perfect Your Vanity Lighting

    ... so that the light is reflecting off of the mirror and onto the face. Tip 3. Choose the right colour globes Cool white is often a popular choice as it provides a fresh and visually 'bright' light, which is great for ...

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    How to make a dark room brighter

    ... to a room with little or no natural light. Our solution? Fake the feeling of natural light with daylight globes . These are designed to provide a similar level of brightness to natural daylight and vary according to two ...

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    How To Get The Block Look In Your Bedroom

    ... glow lights which help you relax. Keep the cool white lights for the kitchen and study. Consider using smart globes to support your sleep/wake cycle. You can schedule your lights to dim down one or two hours before bed ...

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    21+ Stylish And Practical Outdoor Lighting Ideas

    ... and other features in your garden and for creating an inviting atmosphere. They offer the flexibility of interchangeable globes: narrow beams for tall trees, wide beams for a feature wall. The choice is yours! Our Top ...

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    Lighting Ideas To Create Your Dream Bedroom

    ... the lamp shade should throw out sufficient reading light without it glaring into your eyes. Consider using smart globes to create schedules and support your sleep/wake cycle. Scheduling your smart lights to dim down one ...

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    The secret to mixing materials

    ... designer style with our Manor and Chrysler ranges. Match metal and glass shades or go bold with exposed globes and decorative cages. As any interior designer will tell you, lighting is one of the most important design ...

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    Style session: How to modernise your lighting

    ... complete control of all your lights from your smart device or voice activation. Change the temperature of your globes from warm to cool to immediately change the ambience of the room. As with any new technology, there ...

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    Our favourite Selling Houses looks so far

    ... Google Home Mini , LIFX dimmable downlights and smart globes with statement chandeliers such as our Abella , ... Google Home Mini , LIFX dimmable downlights and smart globes with statement chandeliers such as our Abella , ...

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    Dea & Darren's Love Shack Reno

    ... in the house, the guest bedroom was treated to the endless lighting possibilities of our LIFX smart lighting globes in our Clayton pendants . Powered by Google Home Mini , smart lighting makes life easier because you ...

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    How to light your dining room

    ... energetic for times when you're working, to soft and relaxing for times when you're entertaining. Using smart globes in your pendants will give you the flexibility to adjust the brightness and dim as you need it. If you ...

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    How to make a stunning first impression

    ... , or wall sconces to fill your space with soft, ambient light. Bonus points: use a dimmer or smart lighting globes to adjust the brightness of your lights depending on the occasion or time of day. Calm lighting in the ...

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    15 Clever Ways to Use LED Strip Lighting in Your Home

    ... , strip lighting is a flexible and customisable way to add a warm glow, especially in places where traditional light globes can't fit. We're sharing 15 of our favourite ways to use strip lighting to brighten your home ...

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    How To Style Small Spaces

    ... up this corner perfectly using minimal space. Choose a dimmable wall light or fit your wall sconce with a smart globe so that you can switch between ambient and task lighting easily and have the freedom to customise your ...

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    How to Light Your Space Like a Design Pro

    ... mix your overhead lighting with lights on the wall either side of the mirror. 4. Get your globe colour temperature right Globes come in different colour temperatures. Warm light is perfect for areas when you want to feel ...

  21. blog image

    Beat The Summer Heat For As Little As 3¢ Hour

    ... house is equipped with ceiling fans, you can relax. Ceiling fans use around the same amount of power as a 60 watt light globe, so you can feel as much as 8° cooler for as little as 3¢ an hour*. And if you choose a fan ...

  22. blog image

    One Pendant, Endless Lighting Looks

    ... height as needed and hang. For a dramatic but minimal look, choose a suspension cord with a single exposed globe. For the real wow factor, cluster 3 pendants with your choice of shades and hang them at different heights ...

  23. blog image

    Garden Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Outdoor Space

    ... as you need to without using your phone or the light switch. Outdoor smart lighting ideas: Select smart globes that are easy to swap over into existing fittings Set up schedules with your smart lighting to match the ...

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    Spotlight on Tanimi: Exploring the Tanimi Range of Exterior Lighting

    ... UP/Down Lights: We've used these holders to give designers flexibility in choosing globe technology, including options for dimming or smart globes. Designers can also select the wattage, Lumens, and beam angles, with the ...

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    Make Your Hallways & Stairs Shine Like The Block

    ... allowing light to reflect onto a wall or in this case, a piece of art . You can use a smart globe with this lamp to customise your ambience by adjusting the brightness, temperature and colour of the light with your phone ...

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    10+ Bathroom Lighting Ideas

    ... . Smart Home Bathroom Ideas Ensure your bathroom is as smart as the rest of your home with smart lights, globes, and switches designed to make your life easier. With a smart lighting routine in place in your bathroom you ...

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    The 3 worst mistakes you can make with lighting

    ... that require task lighting such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry need more light, so choose cool white globes for these spaces. Want to avoid lighting mistakes and transform your home from woeful to wow? Get expert ...

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    Smart lighting powers up buyer interest

    ... look back. Besides the endless lighting opportunities it gives you (with up to 60 million colour options in one globe!), it also makes life so much easier and has a huge affect on your general health and well-being by ...

  29. blog image

    5 Lighting Ideas To Transform Your Kitchen

    ... take up additional space as they hug the ceiling, preventing dust from gathering above the shade or reaching the globe. If you're after a pendant effect, choose a semi-flush mount which extends just below the ceiling but ...

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    Illuminating 2023: A Year in Review for Beacon Lighting

    ... both interiors and exteriors, delivering a true design experience. GE Multi-watt Tri-colour GU10 and A60 Globes Versatility unleashed For those moments when uncertainty strikes or a change of mind occurs, the GE multi ...

  31. blog image

    How to automate your lighting

    ... FAQs. What do I need to get started? If you want to start slow, just one bulb like our LIFX, Lucci Connect or Phillips Hue globe will give you a taste of what your smart home could look and feel like. You can screw these ...

  32. blog image

    Planning Your Lighting for Relaxed Living with Jenna Densten

    ... love. Pair the Herman with a smart lighting globe for complete flexibility with the colour temperature; or to ... love. Pair the Herman with a smart lighting globe for complete flexibility with the colour temperature; or to ...

  33. blog image

    Beginners Guide to Smart Lighting

    ... , get creative with millions of colour options at your fingertips! What you'll need: Your smart phone, a smart globe and a lamp . 2. Want to take the next step with smart lighting? Add a few more lights and connect them ...

  34. blog image

    How to choose the perfect table lamp

    ... transform any existing lamp you have in your home into a totally different light! All you have to do is connect the globe to your Wi-Fi via the app, and you can program your lamp to turn on and off, dim the light, change ...

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    How Lighting Affects Your Health

    ... you relax and unwind at the end of the day. Globe featured: Karbon 25W ES Clear Pilot Globe Globe featured: GE 4.8W Dimmable Opal LED Candle ES Globe in Warm White How Lighting Affects Your Mood And Productivity Observe ...