Ceiling Fan FAQs

How much do ceiling fans cost to operate?

Ceiling fans are an extremely effective way of cooling your home. Most ceiling fans use only about as much power as a 60 watt light bulb, which equates to under 3 cents per hour. Ceiling fans can save you money on power bills in both summer and winter.

When a ceiling fan is used in conjunction with an air conditioner you can save as much as 40% off your cooling costs.

What is a reversible feature?

 Most Beacon Lighting fans have a reversible feature. This allows for the rotational direction of the fan blades to be changed at the flick of a switch. A ceiling fan can be operated in an anti-clockwise direction during winter to push warm air down your ceiling and along the walls, this keeps the room warmer and reduce heating costs by up to 10%. In summer the fan is switched to a clockwise direction generating a cooling breeze.

How much air do fans circulate?

122cm (48”) fan can circulate up to 368m3 of air per minute. 142cm (56”) fan can circulate up to 467m3 of air per minute. Check in-store or on the product specifications for the exact airflow of each fan.

What is the difference between a 3, 4 or 5 blade fans?

There is not a great deal of difference between the performance features of a 3,4 or 5 bladed fan – so it’s about the fan design you prefer. 4 bladed fans are the most common ceiling fans available.Though with 5 blade fans these will usually require a larger motor to rotate the blades and larger motors generally means higher energy consumption.

What is blade pitch?

Blade pitch is the angle of the blade from the motor. The higher the pitch the greater the movement of air.

Are some fans more powerful and quieter? Another key feature to look at when purchasing a fan is motor power. Motors are measured in watts and poles, often indicating how powerful the motor is. The speed of the motor, along with the rest of the design, can have an impact on how the fan operates and the noise it emits. Quieter fans are generally more desirable, however, quiet fans do tend to cost a little more.

Direct Current ceiling fans (DC ceiling fans) deliver the ultimate in power and performance. Consuming 75% less electricity than standard ceiling fans, and costing only about 1 cent per hour to run*, while producing better airflow.

*The calculation of costs and savings are approximates only and may vary according to use and size of the fan

Do ceiling fans with metal blades rust?

Most metal bladed fans are covered in a protective UV powder coated paint, this reduces the chance of rust. However, if the fan will be in an area where it is exposed to salty air, sand or moisture it is advisable to use a minimum of 304 grade stainless steel blades. In coastal areas a 316 marine grade stainless steel bladed fan is recommended. Most importantly all fans require maintenance, if left unmaintained your fan may become rusty, dirty and unbalanced. Regular cleaning is required especially for fans that are used in coastal areas. First clean with a damp cloth and detergent, and protect any stainless steel surfaces with a neutral oil such as WD40, or specific stainless steel protector. This will need to be completed at least 4 times a year in coastal areas.

We’ve made it easier to help you choose the perfect fan for your space and location with all fans display symbols indicating their use, if that be for Indoor Only, Alfresco or Indoor, or Costal use.

What is a bell canopy?

A bell canopy is just that, shaped like an upturned bell, this hooks onto the ceiling. This is generally a sign of a low quality fan, as newer modern fans now use the cathedral canopy/hang sure fixing method that reduces ceiling fan wobble.

What is a cathedral canopy?

Cathedral canopies (sometimes referred to as ‘hang sure’) allow a fan to be hung from an angled or cathedral type ceiling. They also allow the fan to find its own center of gravity, which results in the fan running with less movement and noise.

What warranty is available on fans?

Beacon Lighting will supply a 2 year in home warranty on all hard wired fans if installed by a qualified electrician. If you have your fan installed by a Beacon Lighting approved electrician (ask in store for an electrician referral), we will extend your in home warranty on the nominated Lucci fan for an extra 1 year - meaning you will receive the peace of mind of a 3 year in home warranty.

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