Lamp Tips

Nothing transforms a room as quickly and easily as a lamp. Consider these tips before your lamp revamp.

What will the lamp be used for?

Task lamps are ideal for reading and writing, while decorative table lamps add accents to living areas. To reduce annoying shadows, if you are right handed, position the lamp on your desk on the left side. The opposite applies for left-handers. 

Tip: a simple test to avoid fatiguing glare
Place a small hand mirror on your page and if any strong light reflects into your eyes, rearrange things so that the light bounces away instead. 

Choosing a floor lamp

When choosing a floor lamp for reading, ensure it has a strong enough light to reduce reflections. The lamp can be positioned over the left or right shoulder. A floor lamp can also be used to add height and interest to the corner of a room. 

Choosing lamp globes
  • Never use a higher wattage bulb than what is stipulated on the product as this can be dangerous
  • Consider an energy saving globe
  • If your lamp has a fabric shade, use a frosted globe

If the shade is transparent, use a clear globe

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