Downlight Tips

A popular choice in any home, downlights are ideal as general lighting or task lighting. When used to illuminate a work area, such as the kitchen bench or bathroom mirror, you should be aware of how to eliminate shadows.


In the kitchen, position the downlight in front of you, so you don’t cast an annoying shadow on the work surface.


To make shaving or applying makeup easy in the bathroom, the downlight should be installed over the basin – not behind you – so it won’t cast a shadow over your face.


Downlights with dimmers are an excellent idea as you can alter the mood of the room instantly. Alternatively, put banks of downlights on separate switches to enable you to control the lighting ambience and energy usage.


Consider fluorescent or LED downlights. Although more expensive to purchase, the amazingly low running costs make them far more cost-effective than ordinary halogen downlights. Fluorescents and LEDs are also a good choice safety-wise, as they don’t have the potential heat hazards compared with halogen lights, and you won’t need to replace the globes as often. The right advice and professional installation is mandatory for downlights – if done properly, they pose no risk at all.

 Downlights kitchen


Downlights bathroom


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