It’s a common mistake that people think the bathroom should be really bright, so they end up using one single overhead light source! Unfortunately, all this does is give you a lot of glare and shadows, which makes tasks like applying makeup or shaving much more difficult. So here’s the trick to creating a bathroom that’s functional, versatile and decorative.

1. Always think multiple layers of light. Combine your overhead light with wall brackets, mirror lights and pendants.

2. Check your CRI (Colour Rendering Index) levels. Light sources that deliver a CRI of 80 or higher show colours similar to those that appear in natural light. This is perfect for shaving and applying makeup as it enhances skin tones and textures.

3. Install downlights with a wide beam angle such as those in our Infinity range to avoid casting shadows.

4. Make grooming easier and complement the vanity by installing wall lighting above or around the mirror.

5. Once you’ve got your task lighting sorted, think about adding accent or decorative lighting such as a pendant or chandelier to make a design statement.

6. Choose accent lighting with glass shades as they will cast more light than wooden or metal shades which tend to cast light downwards.

7. Give yourself total lighting flexibility with dimmers.

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