In 2019, Andy and Deb Saunders tackled the biggest Block ever and have continued their passion for renovating homes in the years that have followed. They purchased a holiday house that they renovated and transformed into an in-demand holiday property called Bask at Greenpoint. It was incredibly successful, and the house booked out six months in advance. After receiving an offer that they couldn’t refuse on Bask, they sold the property for a record-breaking price for the area. They also renovated their homewares store, and the results in both spaces were fresh, light, and relaxing.

Creating the perfect mood lighting

Never underestimate what lighting can do to transform a space when you are renovating. Pendants can define a space and create a beautiful balance in any room. Soft, warm mood lighting can make a space sing, and pendant lights are great in bedrooms, living spaces, and even in bathrooms.

We worked with our Beacon Lighting consultant from The Block on lighting for both the house and the shop. It’s very reassuring to have a professional who knows the product at the planning stage of lighting your space.

Affordable and effective lighting tricks

Stunning lighting doesn’t always have to break the bank. Creating the wow factor in your home is simple with strip lighting under shelves, behind mirrors, and under cabinetry. To create the perfect ambience, separate the strip lighting so that you can use them on their own to create mood lighting once the other lights are off.

In the holiday home that Andy and Deb successfully renovated, the Nevada spotlights were used to modernise the space and to provide ample lighting. The individual spotlights can be moved to light up different areas of the room, creating the perfect opportunity to highlight artwork or pictures.

Transforming your home into a sanctuary

By transforming your home into a beautiful sanctuary, you’ll be able to enjoy the holiday vibes every single day. Outdoor lighting and fans are essential to creating a relaxing, casual feel. Use beautiful wall sconces, garden lights, and fans over outdoor dining spaces to make the space feel warm and homely. 

We didn’t have a lot of time to spend on choosing fixtures and fittings, so we went straight to our favourite brand and chose items we knew were beautiful and functional for the spaces we were creating.”

Renovate your Dream Home with Beacon

Home renovations can be a big task, but with the right plan in mind you can create your dream home during the process. If you want to create a home as beautiful as Andy and Deb’s, make sure you start with the perfect products for your home.

Shop Andy and Deb’s favourite products that were featured in their successful holiday house online now, or head in store to start your own home renovation journey with our lighting experts. Our Design Studios are the perfect places to start planning how to transform your home into the sanctuary you've always dreamed of.