If you are feeling like changing things up at home but don’t have the time for a full renovation, there are plenty of things you can do with your lighting to make your home feel refreshed. Whether you just want to update a few lamps or completely change up the lighting in a room, there are plenty of options to choose from if you want to create a stunning new look in your home.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

When you are upgrading your bathroom lighting it’s important to think about how you want your bathroom to feel. For a master ensuite, you might want it to feel romantic or cosy, whereas the shared bathroom might need to feel bright and fresh. Functional lighting is essential in the bathroom so when you’re updating your lighting, think about how you use the space and where task lighting is needed most.

If you have a feature wall in your bathroom, highlighting the wall with a row of recessed downlights will help to wash down the wall. To make your vanity the highlight of the room, add wall lights to either side of the vanity space and LED strip lights underneath. For bathrooms that feature a stunning bath, consider placing a pendant light over it to make it the focal point of the room.

DIY Kitchen Lighting Ideas

The kitchen needs to be a well-lit and functional space, especially if you enjoy cooking and entertaining. If you’re looking at renovating your kitchen it’s worth thinking about how you’re going to use task lighting over the important work stations in the space. The kitchen bench is often used for chopping and cooking food, so it’s important to ensure the area is well-lit and provides plenty of illumination for your family while preparing meals.

For open living spaces you may want to think about how you can adjust your lighting to better suit the mood. With dimmable lights you can easily adjust the brightness, and sometimes colour temperature as well, so that you can easily swap from cooking to dining without having to worry about bright lights ruining the mood.

Garage Lighting Ideas

Whether you enjoy spending time in your garage or find it useful as a functional storage space, updating the lighting in the garage is a great way to make the space feel new and fresh. Garages have a variety of uses, so working out what you want your space to be will help you figure out how best you can light the space.

If you mostly use the garage for work then it’s important to have the right task lighting installed in the space. Try to find lights with cooler colour temperatures to help focus on the task at hand and easily work for longer without getting tired. When updating your garage lighting, it’s also worth considering exterior lighting. Sensor and security lights are a great option for garages as they allow you to come and go from your home more safely on a daily basis.

Living Room DIY Lighting Ideas

Living rooms are often central spaces in the home and are used by all members of the family throughout the day. Your main living spaces need to have plenty of illumination and functionality, ensuring you can watch TV with the perfect mood lighting, read a book on the couch without straining your eyes, or entertain guests with the ideal ambient lighting.

With table lamps or floor lamps you can get the task lighting that you need by placing them beside a couch or on a side table. If you have a high ceiling that you want to highlight, placing spotlights or downlights along the wall can allow you to create a feature out of your ceiling. Flexibility is also important in the living room, so finding lights that are dimmable or have smart functionality will give you the option to adjust the lighting as needed.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedrooms are functional spaces, but also need to have a relaxing ambience to help you wind down before you head to bed. If you enjoy reading in bed, make sure you place reading lamps, pendants, or wall lights on either side of the bed to provide ample illumination while you read. These light sources ideally need to be at chin height so you can easily see the pages without having to strain your eyes.

For walk-in wardrobes, installing wide-beam, recessed downlights help to keep the space well-lit and gives it a cosy, welcoming feel. Using strip lighting inside the cabinets or sensor lighting is also a great idea as this will make it easier to find what you are looking for. Throughout the rest of the bedroom it’s always a great idea to use dimmable lights, as these allow you to easily adjust the brightness as it gets later into the evening.

Renovating your Home with the Perfect Lights

Lighting is essential for every home, and with so many styles and designs available it’s easy to find the perfect lights to suit your space. If you want to refresh your home but aren’t sure where to start, updating your lighting is always a great idea as a few lights can drastically change the ambience and mood of a room with minimal effort.

If you are interested in renovating the lighting throughout your home, we have a range of lighting options available to suit your needs. Head online now to browse through our extensive collection, or find your local store to start chatting to one of our lighting experts so that we can help you design the ideal lighting setup for your home.