With bush fires, a global pandemic, spring pollen and everyday pollution from traffic, factories and construction, the air we breathe is constantly under threat. But it’s not an issue that only affects outdoor spaces. Outdoor allergens and pollutants like dust, vehicle exhaust, bacteria, viruses, pollen and smoke find their way into our homes very easily thereby affecting the quality of air inside too. This is in addition to already existing sources of indoor pollution like cigarette smoke, cooking fumes and odours, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from household cleaning products and pet hair and dander.

With many people now spending more time indoors working or studying, it has become extremely important to focus on the quality of the air we’re breathing and how we can create cleaner, healthier spaces at home. This is where air purifiers step in.

Benefits of air purifiers

Air purifiers do what their name implies: they purify the air in your home with the help of filters that capture pollutants and release clean air into your home helping you breathe better, sleep better and feel better.

  1. Air purifiers can help remove invisible airborne particles such as pet dander, pollen, dust mites, fumes from household cleaners and air-freshening sprays, mould spores, etc. which can be triggers for asthma attacks. 
  2. Air purifiers can neutralise unpleasant odours like burnt toast, cooking oil and spices making your space smell fresh and clean.
  3. Airborne diseases like the common cold and flu are very easily spread from a single unwell member to the rest of the family. Air purifiers can capture some of the bacteria and viruses that cause these diseases and help safeguard everyone's health.
  4. If you live in an area prone to bushfires, an air purifier can help filter the smoke and smells in the event of a bushfire.
  5. Indoor allergens such as fungi, mould spores and dust mites can trigger respiratory allergies that make you sneeze or cough during the night disrupting your sleep. Air purifiers are designed to trap these allergens thereby helping you sleep better.

But do air purifiers really work?

Yes, an air purifier is built to filter out a huge range of airborne pollutants and allergens and release cleaner air back into your space. They might not get 100% of the nasties but 99.95% is certainly close! Besides using air purifiers, it’s important to clean your floors, carpets and other surfaces regularly to minimise build-up of allergens and maintain a cleaner, healthier environment indoors.

Do air purifiers dry out the air?

No, as they’re not designed to remove humidity from the air. They capture airborne pollutants like dust, pet dander, germs and pollen with their filters and use their built-in fans to circulate clean air around the room. So the humidity levels of the air will not change.

Do air purifiers help with mould?

Yes, air purifiers with HEPA filters can remove the microscopic mould spores floating around effectively. Air purifiers that have carbon filters can also neutralise mould odours. However, if you have an active mould growth on a wall or in your carpets, you would need to clean the area physically to stop it at its source. While you’re fixing your mould infestation, don’t forget to run your air purifier to trap all the loose spores released into the air.

How our air purifiers work

Our new range of Compact, Volume and Maxi air purifiers feature 3-stage air purification with a pre-filter, active carbon filter and a HEPA 13 filter.


The pre-filter acts as a barrier for the other two filters, capturing larger particles in the air before they reach the main filters.

Carbon filter

The active carbon filter helps remove harmful gases from the air such as smoke and other odours. This is very handy when your kids play with the toaster dial and burn breakfast!

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) 13 filter

HEPA filters work by forcing air through a fine mesh of fiberglass that traps harmful particles invisible to the naked eye.

Our air purifiers offer exceptional purification via super-efficient HEPA 13 filters that capture 99.95% of all pollutants, from allergy-causing pollen, asthma-aggravating dust and nasties like mould, bacteria and some viruses. These filters capture particles right down to 0.3 microns! To put that in perspective, a grain of sand is around 90 microns, a strand of hair measures about 80 microns and a white blood cell is around 12 microns, so 0.3 is pretty small!

HEPA filters are among the most efficient filters available and that’s why they’re used to clean the air in commercial spaces such as hospitals and aeroplanes. All our purifiers are fitted with replaceable filters for your convenience so, remember to change your filters every six to eight months to prevent clogging and ensure that your purifier continues to function to the best of its ability.

Lucci Air Maxi Air Purifier Lucci Air Maxi Air Purifier

Refresh your home with Sanso

Designed in Australia, Sanso EvOne is an innovative, 3-in-1 ceiling mounted air purifier, ioniser and multi-functional light. A single product that circulates and purifies the air you breathe, reducing the risk of Asthma and allergies while also providing an adaptable light that helps maintain a healthy circadian rhythm. During the day, Sanso EvOne can fill your home with energy-boosting light that is scientifically proven to make you feel more alert and energised. At night, settings reduce blue light and lower the colour temperature and brightness to promote the production of melatonin, the hormone which prepares your body and mind for sleep. 

Additional features of our air purifiers

Besides superior air purification, our range of air purifiers offers a host of convenient features to make life easier for you.

3 speed settings

Choose a powerful air flow when you need to clean your room’s air quickly or a gentle air flow when you’re sleeping at night. With three speed options, you can be sure there’s optimum air circulation at all times for better air purification


Set your air purifier to run at certain times of the day by choosing between two, four and eight hour options. With minimal effort, this will allow you to keep your home feeling fresh all day.

Less noise

At the highest fan setting, our air purifiers produce only between 50-56 decibels of noise making them a good choice for any room. At night, you can activate the sleep mode on our Maxi and Volume models which allows the purifier to operate at a lower noise level helping you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

CADR measures the volume of air that an air purifier can filter in one hour. Higher the number, the better. Our Maxi model offers a CADR of 400m3/h, while our Volume and Compact models offer a CADR of 130m3/h and 90m3/h respectively which are ideal for medium to small sized rooms. Our Sanso delivers a CADR of 100m3/h, making it ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.

Auto functions

The Maxi comes with an auto setting allowing you to customise when you deliver clean air to your home or office when you need it most.

Consider your room size when selecting an air purifier

For optimum effectiveness, you need to choose an air purifier model designed for a specific room’s size. Our range offers three different sizes to suit different rooms in your house.

Our Compact model is suitable for smaller rooms measuring 11m2 like a study or the kids’ bedrooms.

Our Volume model is perfect for spaces measuring 16m2 such as dining rooms, standard bedrooms, home offices and playrooms.

Our Maxi model is best for larger spaces measuring 50m2 like living rooms and large master bedrooms.

Where should you place your air purifier?

While an air purifier is great for any room, the best place would be the rooms in which you spend the most time like your living room and your bedroom where you need the best quality air while you sleep. Our air purifiers are portable, so you can take them with you from room to room!

More ways to improve the air quality in your home

To ensure that you and your family are breathing the best quality air, there are a few simple things you can do to supplement the work of your air purifier.

  • Reduce dust in your home by vacuuming carpets, mopping hard floors and wiping down surfaces. 
  • Use exhaust fans in kitchens, laundries and bathrooms to extract stale moist air, odours and smoke and protect your home from mould, mildew and even structural rot.
  • Minimise the use of candles, incense or wood fires indoors. Opt for LED candles and electric heaters that don’t produce pollutants.

If you have any questions about our air purifiers or need assistance in selecting the right one for your space, simply walk into your closest Beacon store and our team will be happy to help. Or explore our entire range of air purifiers and filters online.

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